Starting Over

by Sarah Juliusson of – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter

sarahayLike most of you I’ve had a lot of new beginnings.

New school, new work, new lovers, new children, new journals, new neighborhoods, new workout routines…  There’s nothing like a blank slate to both terrify & enthrall.  A fresh chance, wide open with possibility.

and now…

A New Blog! –  This new shared blog is an exciting new leap for us as the Mothering community.   I look forward to seeing the personality of this new blog emerge, and the ways in which our posts and your comments will build upon one another.

I’ll be posting at least once a week, including posts on my own personal Mama Renew journey, musings on our themes of self-care, identity, balance & community, and sharing profiles of wise women and their journey as mothers.

I hope to bring to Mothering a fresh voice of compassion & encouragement

to care for yourself as care for your children

to nurture body and spirit

to play with your edges & go beyond

to honor your inner knowing

to cultivate healthy relationships – in love, friendship & family

to build a community of support around you

& to redefine what balance means in your life

Many thanks to Mothering for this beautiful opportunity to extend the message of Mama Renew. It is an honour to be able to give to the Mothering community in this way.

Mama Renew

About Sarah Juliusson

Sarah Juliusson, founder of Mama Renew, is a gifted facilitator and writer on the journey of birth & motherhood. She brings two decades of experience supporting families through pregnancy, birth and motherhood to her work. Sarah is mother to two growing boys, a playful crafter with cloth & wool, student of traditional food preservation, and a diva at heart. Join the conversation on & on facebook at

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