Statement Of Purpose

The Mothering website is the gathering place for the reading and discussion of issues of interest to our magazine readers and online community members. We have been in print since 1974, and on the web since 1998. The magazine is read in over 70 countries. Our community is made up of many nationalities, religions, ages, colors, ethnicities, philosophies, affectional orientations, economic groups, lifestyles, and family structures. This is reflected in our magazine readership and in the online community of the MotheringDotCommunity.

Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one’s best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of family life in the development of the full human potential of parents and children. At Mothering we recognize parents as experts and seek to provide truly helpful information upon which parents can make informed choices. Mothering is both a fierce advocate of the needs and rights of the child and a gentle supporter of the parents, and we encourage decision-making that considers the needs of all family members. We explore the reality of human relationships in the family setting, recognizing that raising the heirs of our civilization well is the prerequisite for a healthy society.

Mothering advocates natural family living, including the ancient way of being with babies and children that is known today as attachment parenting. This way is reliant on the inherent integrity of children and the inviolate intuition of parents. The family is the dominion of parents and children and authoritative knowledge rests with them. This website is a place to safely explore all the aspects involved in such a parenting philosophy.

The MotheringDotCommunity discussion boards serve an online community of parents considering, learning and practicing attachment parenting and natural family living. Our discussions on the boards are about the real world of mothering and are first and foremost, for support and information.

Some subjects regularly covered in the magazine and on these boards include:

Non-Adversarial Cooperative Family Living
Natural Pregnancy
Drug-Free Childbirth
Midwifery/Doula Attended Births
Siblings Present at Births

Health and Healing
Discipline w/out Punishment

Alternatives in Education

Natural Remedies for Childhood Illnesses
Cloth Diapering
Babywearing and
Attachment Practices

To name a few …

Mothering invites you to read and participate in the discussions on the MotheringDotCommunity forums. In doing so, we ask that you agree to respect and uphold the integrity of this community. Through your direct or indirect participation here you agree to make a personal effort to maintain a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for our guests and members by adhering to the User Agreement.