Stay At Home Parenting Forum Guidelines

Welcome to The Stay At Home Parenting Forum! This forum is a place for stay at home parents to discuss issues that are unique to being a SAHP. All threads in this forum should be specific to being a SAHP. There are many threads that SAHPs may wish to post that may apply to the community in general. If this is the case, please place the thread in the appropriate forum outside of SAHPing. Here is a small list of examples of what does and does not belong n SAHPing. If you have any questions about whether a thread belongs here or not, you can PM a moderator or ask in Q&S.

Any debates or demeaning comments about mothers who have other lifestyle choices will be closed and the posters alerted or warned.


Threads that belong in other forums.

1. Threads that deal with general issues involving partners belong in PasP, unless the issue is specific to being a SAHP.
2. Threads that deal with ways to keep children busy when you’re at home, can go in the appropriate ages and stages category or in arts and crafts.
3.Threads looking for options to make money from home belong in WAHP forum.
4. Threads that discuss housework in general, belong in MHM.
5. Threads dealing with food and meal planning belong in N&GE.

Appropriate threads for SAHPing

1.Threads discussing the transition from WOH to SAH.
2.Threads discussing the challenges of being home all day.
3.Threads discussing what SAHP meant to you personally.
4.Threads discussing partner issues that are specific to SAHPing
5.Threads about making friends as a SAHP
6.Threads about division on labor between the SAHP and partner

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