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drowsingbeach-photoMstretchingore on the way certain photos can grab you in the gut —and why. (It’s all about time, of course.) This, from Susan Sontag, from her book On Photography:

“The force of a photograph is that

it keeps open to scrutiny instants which the normal flow of time immediately replaces. This freezing of time—the insolent, poignant stasis of each photograph—has produced new and more inclusive canons of beauty.

“But the truths that can be rendered in a dissociated moment, however significant or decisive, have a very narrow relation to the needs of understanding. Contrary to what is suggested by the humanist claims made for photography, the camera’s ability to transform reality into something beautiful derives from its relative weakness as a means of conveying truth. . . .”

Susan Sontag,

On Photography



Photos: A few of instances of insolent, poignant time-stoppage in my life from the past few weeks.







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