Storytelling Moves the Trauma Along

Don't Mess With A Martial Artist

Don’t Mess With A Martial Artist

This morning my kids brought me the fairytale game and asked me to tell them a story. The game has a spinner and directions, but we never follow them. We use the raw material in the game: four backdrops and a handful of characters & magical items, and make up our own stories.

I knew the story I was going to tell before I even started. As I began speaking, I second guessed myself; should I really do this? But, something bigger than my doubt urged me on.

Very recently, we experienced a life-threatening trauma in our family. We survived and there are no physical remainders, only the emotional imprint.

As I began with the fairytale version, I knew I was engaging in an ancient process of turning our traumas into art; wherein the creative arts of dance, song and storytelling, help us process and contain our experiences.

A king told his daughter, “I love your mind and your heart,” and kissed her on the cheek. Later, the princess was playing with her friends. A wicked witch saw them playing and cast a spell on the princess. “Alakzam, wham, bam, make your brain freeze, kazam.” The princess began to shake and then went limp. The king rushed her to the hospital in his carriage. The doctor checked her and said he would be back in one hour after the tests came back. Meanwhile, a magic fairy sprinkled magic fairy dust and made the princess all well. The doctor returned and said they could go home. The princess rested for one day and was all better.

We will do many levels of follow up with our real experience; doctor follow ups, and processing the real emotions that accompanied the event. But, the act of telling the story in a fairytale version, was helpful and satisfying, for me and the children; just one more tool to help us move through what in reality was terrifying.

Love and blessings to all, who experience this and worse.



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