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It’s part of my job to test products (I won’t lie–I love it), and I realized that I want to bring my personal favorites into the blog more, because I want to share this unique exposure with you. I could never possibly fit it all into my two magazine pages every two months, and yet I walk around each day, making choices about what to eat, wear, buy, give as a gift, plain old use, that are informed by my direct experiences with the products that land on my desk (and some that I just encounter in life). These blog entries won’t be themed as a rule, but this one happens to be: themed on the care and maintenance of a happy belly. Y’know, digestion.

Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Kefir in Blueberry Pom Acai:

This is so delicious that when I drank it for the first time, my eyeballs rolled back in my head. And, no lactose! (I’m sensitive to it).

Align Daily Probiotic Supplement:

Have I mentioned recently that I have a sensitive tummy? And I’m not alone. Moms often find digestive health to be a challenge. Align is great because you only have to take it once a day, and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I started taking it less than a week ago and I feel the difference already. There was a lot to correct, trust me.


Urban Moonshine Bitters

Urban Moonshine (besides being a great name) is a small family business in Burlington, VT. These certified organic bitters can be mixed with water, or just taken neat (I do both). Taking bitters activates digestive secretions—including saliva, stomach acid, and bile. Not only has it helped me to digest my food; it has also kept me very regular. : ) And my friend Tej applies it topically, too–she swears by it to cure a multitude of ailments.

It comes in larger bottles, small vials, and a little purse spray…so I never have to be without it. Portability is key for me!

As soon as I go naming a theme, I realize…I need to mention

Dr. Praeger’s Broccoli Pancakes

I do not always have something homemade at the ready at every possible minute. I also do not feel like making anything healthy and homemade when I have low blood sugar! My goal is to have stopgap foods around to serve as a bridge between crazy 4:30pm hunger and the graceful state in which I can actually make a good, nutritious dinner. And I found one.

Oh, how convenient. Oh, how delicious. Oh, how versatile. They remind me of knishes, but they’re small and dainty, yet filling. I heat one up, and eat it with a bunch of fresh broccoli. Or you could have it with a poached egg…or by itself…It is also nice cut up and eaten in a salad. They’re kind of like dumplings, kind of like potato pancakes…but extremely healthy and light…yet comfort-foody.

What are your

a) favorite digestive support products


b) quick, healthy store-bought bites that save you?

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