Summer Giveaway: BAMBINO MIO Cloth Swim Diapers and Nappy Swimsuits

It’s summertime! The season of sprinklers, sea, and pools. Cooling off while cloth-diapering never looked so cute, thanks to the Bambino Mio cloth diaper swimwear line.
Bambino Mio, makers of those adorable prefold and cover cloth diaper sets, is giving away FOUR swim nappies (swim cloth diapers) and TWO nappy swimsuits (with cloth diapers built in). Behold the photos. Swim-Nappy-(PinkandBlue-Spots)Swim nappies in pink and blue dot fabrics.Nappy-Swimsuit-(RedandGreenFish) Red Fish and Lime Green Fish print nappy bathing suits.

This is a giveaway with lots of chances to win–my favorite kind. Four nappy winners and two nappy swimsuit winners will get to choose size and color. For a limited time, Bambino Mio is offering a 20% off discount on spot swim nappies–so you may want to scoop one up while the discount applies.

Sizes for the swim nappies are: Small (11-16 lbs), Medium (16-21 lbs), Large (21-27 lbs), extra large (27 – 34 lbs). The come in pink and blue dot fabric choices.

Sizes for the swimsuits are: Sizes: Medium (16-21 lbs) and Large (21-27 lbs). They come in red and lime green fish prints.

Here’s how you enter to win:

•Leave a comment below with your preference, color, and size (and if you have time, your best or funniest memory of either taking your kids to the beach or pool or going as a kid)

•Click on the link to visit the Bambino Mio website

•Give Bambino Mio’s facebook page a boost by hitting “Like.” You can also follow them on Twitter at

And remember, if you want to spring for some Bambino Mio swimwear, click here to buy (look for a special 20% discount on select items).

More intel on Bambino Mio:

The swim nappies were just awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent approved) Seal of Approval.

The Bambino Mio swim nappies have a concealed waterproof layer, leak proof legs and waistband and there is no need to use an additional nappy.

•The lining is cotton so that it is soft against baby’s skin

•Prevents solids from escaping

•Elasticized leg cuffs and waistband provide a secure, slim fit

•Lightweight and comfortable

•Machine washable

•Retail value $16.95 (currently $12.95 for spot pattern nappies)

Bambino Mio recently launched a nappy swimsuit.

The integrated swim nappy in their nappy swimsuit means no other nappy is required for your baby when in the water.

•Made from a super-stretchy swim fabric

•Machine washable

•Now available in lime fish and red fish prints

•Retail value $29.95
Nappy swimsuit3

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340 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway: BAMBINO MIO Cloth Swim Diapers and Nappy Swimsuits”

  1. I’d really love an XL swim nappy in either color!

    My favorite beach experience is when I lived in Florida and was pregnant. We lived very close to Anna Maria Island and when I was about 6-7 months pregnant I went swimming. Lucy (my daughter, who was in-utero at the time) LOVED it! She wasn’t a very active fetus, but she went absolutely wild when I was in the water. It was so much fun playing with her even though she was an “inside baby.” One of my favorite experiences ever.

  2. Blue spot medium! We lost our other swim diaper, which didn’t work well anyways. Would love to have a functional one.

  3. I would prefer the pink swim nappie in extra large. We recently took my nine month old swimming for the first time. She absolutely loved it! She learned what splashing is all about. Now she loves bath time and splashes like crazy in the bath!

  4. I would love the res swim suit in a large! One of my favorite memories of swimming was when my cousin told me that alligators lived in the leaf trap, and would bite little girls, so he didn’t have to share the pool float-ha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Pink dot in large! My daughter love the water! At 6 mos she kicked her legs like a little froggy while in the pool!

  6. Would love to have the large green swim suit

    My favorite swim memory is my son finally learning to swim and realizing water was fun and not scary!

  7. i’d love a large blue swim nappy please. last summer i took my boy swimming with my friend jessi, who loves to dive off the board. eli, 2 yrs at the time thought this was so cool. he ripped off all his clothes and went running for that diving board, completely fearless! thank God jessi caught him in time. my heart was in my throat but i admired his total abandon!

  8. I like the green bathing suit in Large! Our baby is really enjoying swimming this year but she keeps trying to drink the pool water.

  9. Very cute! I’ve just started bringing my 9 month old to the pool and would love to see him in a cloth swimming diaper! I would use a blue spot size large! So cute!!

  10. I love the green suit and the pink pants in 24 months or 2 T. My favorite memory (so far) of taking my daughter swimming is when we went to Florida when she was about 8 months old. She loved the waves. She would scream in complete joy and excitement when they would splash her little legs and feet 🙂

  11. Such a hard choice, I like bright colors so I think I will go with the lime swimsuit in large, I wish the diapers came in more colors as I really prefer to put diapers under upf suits instead but when you are about to give birth to your 5th girl, pink can get a bit old.

    So many memories I will go with the most recent…my youngest daughter is 23 mo old and not only learning to talk, but as is typical of girls she LOVES to talk. so at our recent visit to the lake she was so excited to toddle around in the shallow water running back and forth between older siblings and mommy just showing off she could do it. she never fell down and even if she had she had her life jacket on yet for some reason any time she was more than 2-3′ from one of us she insisted on yelling “save me” (as she laughed). Of course you wouldnt want to encourage that (crying wolf) in a child but at not even 2 you cant help but laugh at it (and “save” her)

  12. I love the bathing suit in Large, green!! My favorite memory of taking the kids to the beach was the look on my sons face (he’s 4 now) the first time he felt sand on his feet!

  13. we would love to win a large blue swim nappie. one of my favorite beach memories is of my son. he was a late crawler, but he was mobile by scooting on his bum. he would scoot across the sand and leave “scooting trails” all over the beach. it was hilarious!

  14. I love those blue polka dots. I would need either a medium or an extra large (I have two little boys in diapers that would love to wear these).

  15. I would love the large in the pink dots. We are at the pool almost every day, I am not sure why I haven’t bought one already. Lol

  16. Pink polka-dot in large!!!

    My all time favourite beach memory of my kids (I have 4) is when my son (then aged 15 months) went down to walk by the water with us….fully clothed. He got splashed a couple times so I took off his overalls and then his shoes/socks. He walked, ran, fell in the water so I then took off his shirt. He romped about in his diaper and was having soooo much fun!!! I then took off his diaper and he looked elated to free of all clothes. He laid down in the sand (on his tummy and then on his back…made for some AMAZING pics!) and giggled and laughed and played. When we were all done we were walking back to the car (he was bundled up in someone’s jacket) and we passed an older couple. The woman looked at me and said cheerfully “Thanks for all that entertainment!!!!” Haha…she was watching him undress and play. 🙂

  17. I’d love the green swimsuit in large for my daughter. I love watching her play in the water with her (10 year-) older half-sister. What joy!

  18. Nappy in pink size small. I love taking the kids to the beach…We picnic and try not to eat sand and swim all day. One trip my son dropped his ice cream in the sand and so wanted to eat it…I had to flag down the ice cream cart and get him another.

  19. I really love all of your products, but if I had to choose one, I’d have to go with the pink dot swim nappy in large.

    My daughter’s first swim was almost exactly one year ago. She was 8 weeks old! She loved it then and loves it even more now! She and I are currently enrolled in a Mommy and Me swim class and we’re getting ready to go to the beach for a week! My little girl is definitely a water baby!!

  20. I’d go for the Large blue dots…visited the website (great site!) and liked them on Facebook.

    My favorite beach memory that I hope will be an option with my kids is heading to Galveston with my dad and brothers, riding horses, camping on the beach, swimming in the ocean…loved every minute of it and hope to share the experience with my kids.

    Thanks for sharing, I have been on the hunt for a good swim diaper, at this point we’ve just been using small fuzzibunz without the liner, seems to work fine for now but probably not extending the life of the diaper!!
    .-= Pamela ´s last blog ..Getting all fired up- =-.

  21. I’d love any color in size large.

    My DD (now 5mo) has loved the water ever since I was pregnant with her. I’m convinced my aqua cartwheels are what helped her turn from breech :0)

  22. i would like the swim diaper in pink size medium. my daughters both love the water and i enjoy taking them to the west edmonton mall waterpark all the time

  23. I would love it if I won the pink dot swim nappies in medium. I seriously need one of these because I’ve been taking my baby girl into our pool with no diaper and the other day she pooped in the pool! So gross but funny at the same time!

  24. Blue Spots in Large!

    My little man loves the water! I hate having to put him in a disposable swim diaper and then his swim trunks over that-such a hassle but I have yet to find a cloth option that seems to work! He gets his love of the water from his Momma 🙂 I grew up loving the pool and swimming and began “swim team” as a kid. I went on to swim competitively through high school and college at the national level. Swimming is a necessary safety and life skill for everyone! I learned so many life lessons through it as a competitive sport 🙂

  25. I absolutely LOVE the pink polka-dot swim nappies (size Large). I bet my Mother wishes she would’ve had these for our summer beach trips… she says I would always take my diaper off.

  26. I would be interested in a large, blue dot swim nappy. My children love the beach and my 2 year old daughter sings “in the water, in the water, …” until we take her in the lake.

  27. How adorable are these! And Cost effective! And green!

    I love the pink polka dots in a size medium-6-12 months. Demery is 9 months put is a peanut so a medium size would work I think.

    It is so important as a life skill to learn how to swim and become acclamated to the water. As a child of three to a single mom, I never was able to learn to swim. Now, it is imparitive for my children to learn. My 11 year old swims on a local YMCA team and is part fish! My other two children are taking lessons now as well.

    Thank You!

  28. I totally love the blue polka-dot nappies. I’d need one in a medium/large. It would be a great thing to have for our little one.

  29. Pink diaper in large & red suit in large. We have to spend as much time in the water here b/c it is so hot and humid!!

  30. Would love the blue dots one for my son in size lg. He loves the water – be it the pool, ocean, hose, etc. I love using products that are reusable. The swimsuits are super cute – wish I had a girl too!

  31. I would love any of these in large! wow what a great giveaway/discount!!!

    I hope I win.. also liking on FB and checking out the site bc we NEED some.


  32. we would love a large blue dot! little man has almost grown out of his medium swim diaper and we’re ready to size up and keep swimming this summer! he’s learning to go underwater- not bad for 18 months!

  33. I would love a large blue swim nappie for my little man. He loves the beach and the water. His sister and him spend every Monday at the beach with their grandparents.

    The first time I bought both kids to the beach by myself. My daughter 2 at the time decide she was done with her bathing suit… So naked girl running around on the beach for all my parents neighbors to see… Oh embarrassing… Another mom told that it happened to her all the time at home…I think I my be more in embarrass with my son streaking across the beach. LOL

  34. I like boys stuff for a 25-30 lb.

    When my oldest was 6 mos. old, her daddy walked her out into the lake. On the way out, he stepped on a large flat slippery rock. As he fell on his bottom, Kelly was tossed into the air about 4 feet. After he landed, he reached out and caught her before she hit the rocks….. as I watched the whole thing from the patio, there was nothing I could do …. she survived and now has her own 19 mo. old son.

  35. My little one could really use one of these! We’d love the Pink dots in large, or the swimsuit in large…These would be so handy at the hot springs!

  36. I would love either of the girly one in a medium my fav memory so far of summer swimming was realizing how much my 7 month old loves the water unline my 3 year old who is over scared of it and i liked on facebook 🙂

  37. blue dot in medium. here in the northwest it is finally nice enough to take our baby to the pool or river so we are just getting started on making memories.

  38. swim nappie: pink dot size small

    My daughter is almost 5 months old and LOVES the water… it would be great to dress her in some cute cloth swimmie bottoms. She loves to lay back and kick her feet, while in the pool.. it is such a sight! 🙂

    We are HUGE advocates of cloth diapering.. this is great!!

  39. I would love love love one for my new nephew (born yesterday) and/or niece (due in two weeks). Pretty ,please? 🙂

  40. Boy’s size medium would be great!! Dustin is 7 months old and just starting to like the water — pools, hoses, baths — next is the beach! I grew up across the street from the Long Island Sound. I have wonderful memories of watching the sun set over the water, searching for beach glass, diving off the “big” rock at Broadway beach and playing on the dunes (now eroding!). These days living in NJ we go to Sandy Hook, which is also beautiful. I want my son to grow up appreciating all of it!

  41. Aine would love a large swim nappies in pink. 🙂 We all love to swim and went to the pool for our first swimming lessons ever this morning!

  42. I would love a blue size large for my little guy who has been living at the beach since he was a few weeks old (well-shaded, of course). Coastal Maine is the perfect for raising two beach babies!

  43. I could love to win the swim nappy in pink dots size medium for my daughter.

    My favorite memory is of my son, who hates getting his face wet, he would stick his head in the pool and blow tons of bubbles and laugh.

  44. Love the red swim suit, size large.

    The last trip to the beach involved the baby eating lots of dirt and the kids stepping in lots of goose poop. Yuck. They had fun though 🙂

  45. Would love Medium in Pink Dot! So cute!!!!! My 6 month old loves playing and splashing in the pool with her big sister!

  46. We’d love to win the swim nappy in blue dots, size medium.. So far our favorite beach memory is with our eight week old son, Jack Dillon.. Saturday evening we took him to Onslow beach on base in Camp Lejeune, NC. We got the most amazing photos of his daddy holding him while he dipped his toes into the Atlantic for the first time. We’re cherishing every moment before his daddy gets deployed to Afghanistan and misses all the other moments!

  47. I would love the pink polk-a-dot or the red fish:) both in large please:) my favorite memory of taking dd to the pool was when she wass 8 months:) we took her to the pool for the first time and she took to it like a fish to water!! she loved blowing bubbles in the water and was amazed by the men and women doing the scuba class in the lane next to us! thank you sooo very much for doing this!

  48. I would love the blue dot swim nappie in medium!! My 7 month old son, who was born in the water, loves kicking and splashing in the pool.

  49. Large or extra large blue dot swim nappie please!

    My little man loves swimming so much, we go every week. He loves to get into the pool and crawl back and forth on the top step and splash with the older kids. He dunks his face into the water and then laughs while the beads of water run down his face, it is so adorable!

    I would love to have a greener alternative to using “landfill” swim diapers.

  50. Swim nappie in pink size medium

    Swimsuit in medium in green.

    The first time I took my daughter to the beach she was too small for a swim diaper, she went in with her regular diaper and came out about 10 pounds heavier. Next time we went into we sported a naked baby:)
    .-= Ashleigh´s last blog ..Is this a D-R-E-A-M =-.

  51. Would love either red or lime swimsuit in large for my dear granddaughter in AZ. She swims daily. We enjoyed time in the pool with her recently. She is so fun and fearless!!

  52. I would love a large red fish print suit please!

    My favorite swimming memory was when my oldest was 18 months old and decided to swim to his grandpa on his own with his water wings and floaty suit! (With moms hands hovering around him the whole time of course lol!)

  53. I would LOVE the pink diaper(Size Large). THANKS!

    My 14 month old LOVES the water. She can’t get enough of it. I started mama and me swim classes with her this summer which she is really enjoying. She is learning so fast!

  54. I would love the nappy swimsuit in red in a size medium, please!

    One funny memory I have from childhood was setting up our own water slide at home. We placed our plastic pool at the bottom of the slide and ran water down the slide with the hose. Unfortunately, I was the only one to try it, because I slid into the pool and just kept sliding right on through the far side.

  55. It is hard to choose one, they are all so cute. If I have to pick just one it would be the red fish print. My sweet little one is right in between the sizes, so I would have to say Large to be on safe side. Our favorite place to swim is at our Aunt’s pool. She has a saltwater pool and since my husband is allergic to bleach it is nice to have a pool we can swim in together as a family. The last time we went our oldest finally got up the courage to jump into the shallow end.

    Bambino Mio is a awesome website. Just when I thought I had a complete stash I find more things I “need”. I am also liking Bambino Mio on facebook.

  56. BLue dots in large or we can grow into an XL!

    The first time I took my son to the beach I set him down and he crawled strait into the ocean, no hesitation, no fear. He is such a water baby, beach time always makes him so happy!

  57. A large red swimn suit or large pink dot diaper! So cute. My best memory would be taking my son to the river for the first time, he was so unsure if it!

  58. I would like a nappy, size large, in blue, por favor! 😀

    My favorite memory of taking my kids for water play (not really the beach, but I assume a river counts!) was a few weeks ago, it was the first time we took our son to the river, and we went to the Rio Ruidoso. It is a very fast river, with lots of rocks, and at first he was scared of the noise that the rushing water made, but after daddy carried him in the first time, he really began to love it, and we had to really watch him because he would go in on his own, then run back out because the water was so cold!! It was so cute.

  59. Blue dots extra large. We are making new memories at our local lake every day with my 4yo and 7week old. Cheers!

  60. Ruby would look adorable in the pink nappies or the lime green suit! So cute!! We’ve only dipped her feet in the ocean once and she wasn’t too happy about it. Maybe if she had had on that cute green suit she would have liked it more!!!

  61. Large blue dot please! My 6 month old son is a little fish…maybe because he was born in the water? 😉

  62. blue dot in L!!!

    Best memory yet of the beach is going on a hot sweltering day last summmer the last time I went to the beach as a mom of 2! i was 41w pregnant and brought my 15 mo old ds and 5 yr old dd. we had the beach to ourselves practically. it was so calm quiet and intimate… the beach with 3 littles now is quite chaotic lol

  63. Swimsuit, size large, in green please!

    My kids adore swimming… so many memeries! I think some of my favorites are from when I was pregnant with my second and would take my eldest to parent toddler swim every week.

  64. My son Eoin would look great in a BLUE Swim Nappy Spot (size XL). The best memory I have of him is how excited he gets swimming at the pool- he loves to splash- and wildly so!!! We love the pool.

  65. I would like the swim diaper in blue please.

    My son loves the pool this summer, he loves that he can dive in! But I have to say, I miss him last year when he was 6 months old and just discovering the water! Such a fun time…

  66. ooo!!! a large lime swimsuit please!! 😉 our daughter is LOVING the water right now…is hard to get her to leave it!! last night when we took the kayak out and did a little swimming she was loving every moment of it….and she had great fun helping poppa beach and un~beach the kayak!! turning into a pro already and the kayak was yesterday’s purchase!! here’s to MANY more fun summer memories! 😉 🙂

  67. Due to the blistering heat we spend as much time at the pool as possible so I would LOVE to win this giveaway. My preference would be the medium of blue dots. They are adorable.

  68. I would love a small blue dot swim nappie. Our son Rio was born in the water and has loved the water ever since! 🙂

  69. Our water baby, Sebastien is quite the swimmer at one year old and loves to kick and splash as soon as his toes and fingers touch the water. So far this summer he has experienced many of the local lakes, rivers and seas near our home in Washington State. Sebastien would love to have Medium sized blue dot swim nappies to show off to his pals while enjoying the summer rays! We hope to win!

  70. I would love to try the swim diaper in blue large for my baby boy. This is his first summer, and he loves our swimming pool. It would be so nice to try out the cloth swim diaper finally. I’ve been considering buying one, but have been hesitant since I haven’t been able to get my hands on one to see how they feel. This would be wonderful!!!

  71. We’ve been taking my oldest to the wading pools and my youngest keeps crawling into the water. No fear! We’ve been intending to get her a swim diaper so we can put her in the pools too, but have not gotten around to it. These diapers are so cute and would be perfect.

    I would love the pink dot swim diaper in large. Or the green swimsuit in large.

  72. would love a blue swim dipe in large! My lo just learned to walk and tries to walk w/o holding on to anything in the wading pool but just keeps going under- but at the same time he’s learned to hold his breath and do a few kicks forward so he really learning to swim too!

  73. Would love the swim diapers in blue & xl please. We are potty training our 24 mo & he told the lifeguard at the local pool, “no poop in the pool. No poop!”. Glad to know he is listening!

  74. I’d love the blue nappies in Large.

    I love how fearless my son is at the beach, he runs into the ocean and really believes he can swim, so I’m always on my toes. He loves looking for “hells” on the beach.

  75. How adorable are these! Blue dot nappies size large. One of my favortie memories of going to the beach or pool was taking pb and j’s along for lunch. Just being at the pool or beach now days makes me crave them so we have continued the tradition with out kiddos!

  76. So cute. Blue dot nappies, size extra large.

    I loved going to Missouri to visit my aunt and uncle at their lake house every summer.

  77. I would love the pink dot nappie in a size large.

    when my twins are at the beach they eat the sand. as much as ive tried to get them to stop they keep shoving in handfuls. it makes for a very interesting nappy change later.

  78. color- no preference!

    size- small

    memories- many, our daughter loves the water and will spend hours in it. We just got back from vacation in WI where she swam several evenings until the sun set.

  79. wow! large red fish print swimsuit=soooo cute!

    i think my favorite swim memory was made today. for the first time, my 9 month old daughter didn’t hate swimming. in fact, she was floating and kicking and could have stayed in all day!

    thank you!

  80. I would love the blue nappy in large or extra large. 🙂 A funny story from the pool happened earlier this morning. My three year old ds was at his swim lesson when he looked over at me and said, “Mama! I’m PEEIN’!” 🙂

    He did have a disposable swim diaper on, but it’d be so much nicer if he had a cloth swim dipe.

  81. I’d prefer the blue nappy in medium, please.

    My favorite place to take my two tiny kids are these small mountain lakes in the Sierra Buttes of CA. They are crystal clear and just cold enough to make you feel alive. My husband and I hike in with the babies on our backs, and then take turns swimming while they play at the edge of the water.

  82. large. diaper blue. swimsuit lime.

    the first summer we had my oldest daughter we would go to the river on the sand bar and she would wave at every passing boat as if she were the mayor

  83. My 8-mo-old went to the beach for the very 1st time last week and was NOT happy when I tried to put his toes into the VERY COLD ocean. But a little water in a bucket provided almost an hour of splashing fun back at the blanket.

    We would love a swim nappy in blue, size medium.

  84. either a blue or green in small would be great. Lily should be holding her head up by the time she can wear either.

    My best experience as a kid in the water was when we went to Destin Beach, FL and I made friends with another little girl. We spent the whole day making sand castles. I still have the picture my mom took of us.

  85. Swim nappy in pink. Medium size.

    Swim suit in red, also medium size.

    We recently had a very fun time at the pool. Both our girls were laughing and having fun. Our baby girl loves to dip her face in and then comes up smiling. Our older girl was at first hesitant and by the end was enjoying herself. Love watching them grow and learn.

  86. large nappy or swimsuit in any color would be really great. We’re in the midst of parent and baby swim classes and my dear daughter loves them so much! This swim diaper would get so much use here in Texas.

  87. Swim nappie: Medium (16-21 lbs) blue dot fabric.

    I remember when I was a kid I couldn’t swim. So I would go to the pool in the hotel when my family would travel. But when I went in the water I would only bounce around on my feet. The problem was I would wear out my toes and they would be raw and painful after all the walking on the rough pool bottom. Wish I learned to swim as a child. But I want to take my new baby Luke to the swim class to learn. It will be so much fun to see him play in the water and not in his little bathtub. 🙂 He was almost born in the water but our midwife wanted us to move to the bed since I filled the water too high. So he was born on our bed.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Mothering magazine is number #1!

  88. my little man would get a ton of use out of a blue swim nappy in size large. he loves the splashing in the water 🙂

  89. These are adorable! I could use a blue one in extra large. Last year we lived on a lake and a short drive from the ocean so we spent hours in the water. Now we live much further inland but enjoy the pool!

  90. Blue dipe in large or x-large please. My 9 month old LOVES the pool and actually took his fist steps in the pool holding on to the side just a few weeks ago. Something I will always remember!

  91. Absolutely would love to have these. Size/color choices would be pink (medium) for the nappies and green (large) for the swimsuit. Our daughter, Emma (10 months) has loved swimming since we took her to the ocean for the first time at 7 months. We swim in pools and in Lake Michigan when visiting family. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  92. I love the blue swim nappies in a large.

    hmmm best beach memory… we live at the ocean, so spend a lot of time there. So I think there isn’t just a funniest or best memory of our son at the beach (he is only 11 months) but more whole bunch of mini memories that just evoke that feeling of happiness… watching my husband take him back in the water over and over until he’s had his fill, little sandy hands and feet, a blue tint from the sun screen, him repeatedly pulling off his sun hat, mouthfuls of sand, and those teethy grins while he is smiling up at me in the sun.

  93. Medium Swim nappie in Pink!!

    My 3 year old son is still slightly fearful in the pool so the other day he decided that since his baby sister wasn’t using her princess float that he would. We put him in, legs through the holes and all. It was the cutest thing ever!

  94. I need to buy another swim diaper. My daughter is growing out of hers. I would love the pink swim nappy in large. 🙂 Thank you!

  95. Wow, cute! Swimsuit Lg~Lime.

    Took my baby to the spray park for the first time last week. Sooooo much fun for the family!!!

  96. XL pink polkadot swim nappy would be great for my daughter. My 21 month old likes to play in (and taste, I’m afraid) the lake near us. Also, she loves playing in the sprinkler at the park.

  97. I would love a swim nappy in pink dot size large.

    My favorite beach memory so far is when my husband and I went to Mexico with his family in memory of his mother. It was New Years Eve (my husband’s Birthday) and we were relaxing in the shade watching our nephew playing and our baby (I was 5 months Pregnant) kicked so you could see it from the outside for the first time! It was so amazing.

  98. We are planning our first family beach vacation in August. We cloth diaper both our 27 mo son and our 3 mo daughter. I use cloth menstrual pads and cloth nursing pads too. It would be awesome not to purchase any disposable swim diapers for our trip. A medium nappy suit in either color or an xl blue nappy would be greatly appreciated.

  99. Hi Thanks for the give away. I would like the XL nappy in pink. I think My girl might still fit the large swimsuit, I prefer the red.

  100. I would like to have Medium Blue Dot Nappies.

    Hmmmm… my funnies memory in the beach when I was 5 or 6 years old, I didn’t wear bathing suit, and my shorts was full of sand, so my aunt suggested me to take off the shorts and rise in the water. When I rise my shorts in the water, the wave was very strong, I lost my shorts in the water. Fortunately, my aunt’s friend swam into the water and got the shorts for me. He was my hero that day!!!

  101. Medium Pink dots would be AMAZING!!!!! My Gabriella loves the water so much! She tries to swim and slips and gets her whole face in the water. so cute! 10 months old and a charmer! Lime green medium is cute too!

  102. Swim Nappies large either color or suit large either color. We are moving and may have a pool soon so these will come in handy!

    My daughter, who is 20 months, took swim lessons with her grandparents in June. It was so much fun to watch her excitement everytime we went to the pool and her utter joy in learning the simple basics of water safety. It was a great time for her to bond with her grandparents who live out of state and flew in to Arizona too spend this time with her. We are building wonderful memories and lasting relationships with such a simple and fun activity.

  103. These are SO cute! My son would love the blue medium swim nappy!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

    we live in south Florida, so we would definately get a lot of use from this!

    When my daughter was almost 2, we were in the ocean and she asked, what keeps hitting my legs? I told her there were a lot of little fish in the water today. Well… She screamed SO loud that people came rushing over to make sure she was ok, thinking maybe she had been stung by a stingray. I guess she had never realized that the fish’s ocean was the same ocean we swam in when we went to the beach 🙂

  104. The blue dot nappies are adorable and would be perfect in an extra large for my little guy.

    Some of my best childhood memories are of my brother and I floating on an inner tube on the river running through my grandparents back yard in Manning Park, BC Canada.

  105. We would love pink in the nappies and green in the swimsuit.

    Recently we took the kids to Lake Michigan, but didn’t bring suits because we thought they wouldn’t want to go into the cold water. My three year old was wearing a cute little skirt and t-shirt and kept running into the water to get wet, then rolling around in the sand to get dirty, then back to the water to wash it off. I’ll never leave the suits behind again 🙂

  106. oops- reposted because I forgot to say size large.

    We would love pink in the nappies and green in the swimsuit.

    Recently we took the kids to Lake Michigan, but didn

  107. Thanks for doing this give-away! There’ll be 6 lucky parents soon! The XL Pink Dot Nappies or the Large Red Fish Print Nappy-Suit would be perfect for us!

  108. Oh I would love the blue boy diaper:) Size Large please

    When we took my son to the beach for the first time. He kept wanting to eat the sand. Guess he liked the salty taste. lol

  109. Probably when we took my son to the beach at 6 months old. He loved it so much a laughed hysterically while his daddy held him in the waves:-)

    Boy diaper blue size large

  110. blue boy suit large please;)

    Our first family vacation to Sanibal Island. He sat in a puddle of beach water and tried to catch fishes. So cute:)

  111. My little man would look oh so dapper in the blue polka dot nappy, xl…

    We had a heat wave last week so I introduced my 18 mo to the backyard sprinkler. He was a little hesitant at first due to the cold temp, but quickly discovered what fun it was to splash around. Even more fun to learn he could pick up the sprinkler & get momma with it!

  112. I would love the red nappy swimsuit in a size medium! My favorite time at the beach was seeing my son splash in the Med for the first time with his dad. He loved it!

  113. I’m not sure how winners are chosen, but here are my choices:

    Nappy – Pink, medium.

    Swim suit – Red, medium.

    Thank you SO much for this opportunity!!

    My favorite time at the beach was when I was little (when my mom was cloth diapering us) and I would run around naked at the beach…and my mom would tell us to poop in the ocean so she didn’t have to wash our cloth diapers…because she would do it BY HAND! 🙂 Amazing…

  114. Visited Bambino Mio’s website and liked it on Facebook.

    These are just adorable, I love them! I would like the pink nappy in a size Large.

    My favorite beach memory was watching my baby girl play in the sand and filling and emptying the bucket.

  115. I like the swim nappy size large in blue.

    My fave swim memory of my son to date is how happy he is when you put him on the side of the pool and he launches himself into our arms, squealing with delight!

  116. Please consider us for the green swimsuit in a large size.

    my favourite summertime memory is a summer vacation that we rented a houseboat. The water in the lake was freezing, but we had a blast jumping off the boat into the water.

  117. Oh, size medium in blue for the swim nappies and size for my son, and size large red fish swimsuit for my daughter!

    Favorite memory of water with my kids can only really be the home waterbirth of my son after which my daughter (22 months at the time) jumped into the tub to greet her baby brother!

  118. I visited the Bambino Mio website and liked the facebook page. I love bambino mio products! I would love my baby girl Julia to go swimming in the red fish swimsuit in large. She loves water! 🙂

  119. I like the large green swimsuit. I live on a lake and I love watching my daughter watch our dog go in the water, my daughter ohhs and ahhs and giggles!

  120. So cute! My daughter would love the pink swim diaper or the green swimsuit, both in size medium. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  121. Hi, how cute are these suits! Too bad I have a boy because the little swimsuits are precious. However, I’ll say large blue for the swim nappy or perhaps small green for the swim suit I can give to a friend

  122. i love the red in the smaller size, since i’m growing a girl to be born at home in the next few weeks! her 4 yr old sister is a crazy swimmer right from the start, so i want to make sure my second is also a watery daughtery! as for the nappys, i do intend to diaper with reusables and would love to try these! i’d like the small. thanks!

  123. Favorite memory is sitting back and watching my twin 14 mos olds people watching at the beach. They love to watch other children!!! Oh how my twins would look adorable in one of these! Must buy another one if I win one! Large Lime would look adorable with their red hair 🙂

  124. Blue swim diaper in size medium for my little man. We are going to visit grandma and granddaddy in a couple of weeks on Longboat Key, FL, where I spent 2 weeks every summer growing up and where they have settled in their retirement. I can’t wait to see my 15 month old discover the sea birds and play in the pool and waves. He’d look so cute in one of these diapers running down the beach!!

  125. I would love a pink nappie in large!

    My favorite pool time is taking the kids to my Aunts to swim! My two year old boy loves jumping off the side and into my arms and baby Rylee just LOVES being in the water period!! ?

  126. Love them! My favorite swim time memory would be teaching my infant son to swim under the guidance of my husband who used to lifeguard. I am happy to report that now, at age three, my son is an excellent swimmer and loooves the water!

    I would like the pink nappy with polka dots, size M. thank you

  127. I would love the blue swim nappy in x-large for my little guy, please!

    I also visited their website and “Like” their Facebook page. Does that count for multiple entries? 🙂

  128. I would love to have either the green swimsuit in a size large or the pink swim nappy in a size large! I suppose my favorite memory of my daughter swimming is the first time I felt her tumble in the warm waters of my womb, about 17 weeks ago. (This is our first; she’s due sometime next month!)

  129. I would like the green fish swimsuit in large! My little girl hasn’t been to the beach yet, but my son loves it, and we can’t wait to go with both of them.

  130. I’d like either a blue swim diaper extra large or the red suit in large 🙂

    My favorite memory of the water would be when I was like 6 and my grandparents took me on vacation to Penticton, I couldn’t swim at the time and we had met my cousins who live in alberta there and they were little fish, so late one evening after everyone was out of the pool my grandpa took me out and taught me to swim so that I’d be able to go in with my cousins. My grandpa was the best!

  131. My daughter would look adorable in the lime green swimsuit in a size large. She loves the water, as soon as we get there, she giggles and squeals with excitment until she is in the water!

  132. I’d love the pink nappy in large or the green swimsuit in large. When I was a kid, I would always try my best to jump over the foot bath thing at the pool – i was so disgusted by it!

  133. Blue med swim diaper for my sweet boy who will be going to the beach for the first time in a few weeks!

  134. No stories about visiting the beach when I was little. Lived in Montana. I do remember that in our small town they did not have heated pools so the community pool was always freezing so being a red head, my skin would turn purple. Opted for a home made slip and slide to be enjoyed by me and my other siblings. Waited to hit the beach till out of college!
    .-= Linda J´s last blog ..Prepared for Babythen Baby Happened =-.

  135. I’d love the blue dot for my little boy in a medium! It’d be so great for our upcoming vacation- which I sure will be one of the first beach memories we’ll make together! Thanks so much!

  136. I very much enjoy the green fish print nappy in size 9 to 12 months. These swimsuits are genus by the way. My sisters is going to love them.

  137. Hi- We would love either the red or green swimsuit in medium. My little one loves being in water! 🙂 Both the baby and adult pool!

  138. Wow, these look great! I would love any of these in an extra large! I have 4 children so winning something would be great, lol. 🙂

  139. Blue dot nappies in XL for my little beast of a boy!

    He loves to swim with me and blow raspberries on my wet shoulders. He’s like a little swishy-fishy!

  140. id love one of the blue ones for my baby boy. size large. =) we took our daughter to the beach when she was about 16 months old. she was not afraid of the ocean but she did not want to walk in the sand! she tiptoed on it making a face like it was too dirty to touch. LOL. my husband wanted to give up and go to the pool but i loved the beach as a kid and wanted her to enjoy it. i spent 4 days acting like a goofball in the sand trying to get her to have fun with it. she did, and she loves the beach now…and sandboxes. 😉

  141. I would love the pink swim diaper or the red suit in large. I am teaching my son (3) to swim and enjoying watching both my children play in the water this year. Water is so much fun! Thank you so much for this!!!!!

  142. Thank you for running this contest. I was interested to read that your product goes up to the potty training age. This is an important point for people who might be nervous about using cloth diapers initiatlly. They could at least consider them for those later years instead of holding on to disposables when they’re so much older!

    I like both of the colours but I would choose the red swimsuit and nappy liner in large.

    My funniest memory was when I was visiting Damascus, Syria as an elementary school aged child. There was a gorgeous, large pool at the Le Meridien hotel where we were staying. I really wanted to swim but finding a swimsuit in Damascus was pretty impossible. So we bought some underwear and I swam in that! As a child my sense of order was a bit out of wack not actually wearing a swimsuit, but I still had a blast.
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..Cupcakes for Charity =-.

  143. My daughter would enjoy wearing the green fish print swimsuit in XL! Our favorite memory of Avery this summer was when we went to a lake in Michigan. She wouldn’t take her flip flops off because she didn’t like the feel of the sand at the shoreline. She kept saying “dirty”! (She was 20 months old). So there she was, swimming with daddy with her flip flops on!

  144. I would love the blue dot nappy for my son in medium please! My son LOVES the water but my favorite story was I decided to give him a bath WITH me in our master bath tub which is quite large. He hated it and cried the whole time!! I was so disappointed but couldn’t help laugh at his willfulness of wanting his OWN tub. Apparently he likes his normal bathtub or the mega pool we swim in at the YMCA, but not tubs with mom… Oh well.

  145. Pink nappie, green suit size large. I hope we win, we really need swim wear & it’s starting to get hot!!

  146. oh! Now that’s is sunny where I am, would love the blue nappy for my son (size large). We’ll be the most fashionable folks at the beach!

  147. I would love any of these! I just recently found out about cloth swim diapers (just days after buying a pack of the disposible kind of course!) these are just too cute! We recently took my daughter and nephew for a swim in the creek my sister and I played in as kids. It wad so cute to see their tiny little toes being nibbled on by minnows!
    .-= Valerie´s last blog ..Thankful Thrusday- Week 23 =-.

  148. I would love the blue dot nappy in a large. A few weeks ago I filled up the baby pool for DS ans a large galvonized tub for our black lab, who loves the water. I should’ve known….they insisted on trading “pools” 🙂

  149. I would love a pink swim diaper size small! or a medium swimsuit, any color. I am traveling to the East Coast soon and taking my two daughters, age 2.5 and 7 weeks old to the ocean! My toddler is so excited to experience the sand and waves. We can’t wait!!!!

  150. My little girl would look too cute in the red swimsuit size medium.

    She is only 3 months old so she has not had many swimming experiences as of yet. When I was a child, my Grandmother took me and my 3 younger sisters to the YWCA for swimming lessons every week. We would eat dinner at her house before the lesson and go out for ice cream after. This weekly routine is one of my fondest memories of her.

  151. I would love either the large pink swim diaper or the large green swimsuit! Both are darling…the swimsuit w/included diaper is such a GREAT idea!! My best memory is the one we just made a month ago when we took my 2 kids (4yr boy and 10 month girl) on a cruise with all our family. We spent a day at the beach at St. Thomas and it was a joy running and splashing in the water with both of them and attempting a sand castle with moat with my son. My son really enjoyed having both my husband’s family and my family there with him : >

  152. Although impromptu swimming and sprinklering seem to happen without time to get kids into swimsuits, etc., I’d love some of these for the times when we do manage to get into gear! My preference would be the pink nappy in large or the green suit also in large.

    I do so love watching my 3 year old cautiously approach the sprinkler while her 1 year old sister goes as close to it as fast as possible, face first!

  153. I’d love to see my DD in the pink nappie, size small for her little tuchas.

    Her daddy thinks she needs more green in her wardrobe, so that awesome little swimsuit in medium may work next year too.

    We haven’t been to a beach with her yet, but our town has a huge park with a little splash area. I’m looking forward to checking it out one of these days.

  154. I would love a blue dot Nappy bottom in blue dot/M for our next babe. We do not know what we’re having so that would be the most neutral! Our family goes to the beach twice a year and for every little one we love seeing their faces when their feet first hit the ocean!

  155. I would love the swim nappy in blue medium please and the swimsuit in red medium. Thank you so much! Those are so cute! I liked on Facebook and made your website a favorite!! I love taking my older kids to the water park!!

  156. X-large pink nappy. I love the memory of our first time in the pool and seeing her kick in the float and flop her hands in the water, she was soooo excited. Boy have the times changed. 🙂

  157. I would love the blue dot extra large. Or a small in any color as we’re going to start TTC soon. : )

    My favorite beach memory is when I went on vacation with my favorite girlfriends and my 3 little guys. Our youngest was only about 4 months old and it was just before he started dialysis. It was so nice to relax a bit and to enjoy him just being a baby away from all the medical hoopla. Once my kiddos went to bed we got in the hottub for a bit and drank a margarita or two and just laughed and talked.
    .-= Jessica Sargent´s last blog ..Happy 2nd Birthday Logan! =-.

  158. I would love the blue dot nappy in L. It is way too cute!

    My favorite beach memory is taking my oldest son to the beach! He had one of those little IronMan suits and took to water like a fish! Whenever he put on his suit, he would say that he is “Mr. Incredible”!

  159. I would love the lime green swimsuit in size M.

    We live near lake of the Woods and we love to go there at least once a week! So peaceful and fun memories in the making!

  160. I would love a blue nappie in either medium or large (both would be even better for my boys) 😉 We live in Duluth on Lake Superior and love throwing rocks, watching the ships come in and swimming! My hubby and I met lifeguarding, so beaches are our thing.

  161. I would LOVE the pink swim nappie in size large or the green suit in size large.

    ~One of my favorite memories is going to the beach w/ my son (8mos) and filling up a cooler for him to sit in. He had his own mini pool on the sand!

  162. I’d love the pink dot nappie or the red swimsuit in medium. My best memory of dd at the beach so far is taking her when she was only a few months old and leaving her in the carseat the whole time to protect her from the sun. We were at the beach, but she hardly got to see any of it!

  163. These are adorable! I would love either the pink nappy in medium, or the green swimsuit in large!

    My favorite beach memory is from when my now 4-year old was a little over a year old, we took him to the lake, and all he wanted to do was eat the sand! The next day my dad sent me an email about e. coli living in the sand at lakes…

  164. I love the blue dots! We are expecting our 4th and will need a suit come summer, a small would be divine 🙂

  165. The x-large green swimsuit is super cute! I love that it is a full swim suit, I can’t stand all the skimpy/adult styled bathing suits for babies, especially the ones with tiny straps that just fall off their shoulders.

  166. These are all so beautiful!!! I have a friend with a new boy and would love to give them a Large blue nappy/swim diaper. Thanks for the chance!

  167. I would love the pink swim diaper or the lime green bathing suit, in medium. My 7-month old has started a Waterbabies class and loves it!

  168. I love the pink in Large and the lime green in Large as well. These are so adorable! Isela loves the beach and can drive even the most sane person nuts by repeating “beach, beach, beach!” She really does have an appreciation for the beach and often just sits in the sand while watching and listening to the waves…it’s so neat to see she’s already found a place that gives her so much peace!

  169. I would love the blue dot in large. My favorite memory of my kids at the beach is last year when my son was 9 months old playing in the sand. He didn’t like the feel of the sand & would whine when he touched it but couldn’t resist his curiosity & would continue to touch the sand with a funny little look on his face.

  170. I saw these at Whole Foods…Such a great idea! I would love a cute green one (in a large) for my little lady. She has only been to the beach once when she was very young, but now that we’re back in California we’re gonna go make some beach memories very soon 😉

  171. I wish to win the blue swim diaper for my little boy. Don’t know what size, he’s 15.5 lbs and 5 months old wearing 3-6 clothes. He’s my first and we haven’t done much swimming yet but I’m looking forward to some beach time coming up here soon at a family reunion.

  172. Oooohhhh, the blue polky-dots in a Large would do right about now. My DS has never feared the water, when we’re swimming I swear I could let go and he would just keep on going, sink or swim, he’s going in!

  173. we would love to win the nappy in pink dots!! My daughter just loves the water, she loves to splish splash in it!!! <3

  174. would love to get either one in size medium

    my little one is only four months old – and i have enjoyed every trip to the pool – time flies by when they are little

  175. I would LOVE to try this swim diaper. We got our oldest sone when he was 18 months old and with no warning (started as our first foster child…let to a adoption) so I purchased one pack of disposables and have never purchased another…infact I still have most of them in a closet. WE LOVE CLOTH swim diapers and usually have just one maybe two per size but ours are pretty worn out, so it would be awesome to get another one 🙂

  176. I would love the lime nappy swimsuit in XL! Thanks for the contest.

    My kids were both born in water. My 2 1/2 year old loves the pool as did I as a child. Summer is great time!

  177. Id love the Blue Polka Dot Swim Nappy, Size XL.

    The first time we took our girls to the beach, was the best! My older daughter (1.5 year) was running in and out of the waves the whole time, and her sister (6 months) was playing in the sand with her little wooden spoon 🙂 The best trip ever 🙂

  178. I would love a Large blue swim nappy.

    The first time a took my son (1 year old at the time) to the kids pool he loved it!!! I had to glide him all over the swimming pool. When I got tired we sat down and suddenly he just turned over with his hands on the floor and started floating all by himself, he just looked so cute I wished I had my camera with me because it’s a really good moment that makes me smile every time I remember. 🙂

  179. These are GREAT! I would LOVE to have any of the suits or nappies in L or XL!

    Our current ones are getting some serious use at the local splash pad! My most memorable water experience with Clara (11 months) is everyday when she screams her head off when the swim diaper comes off and its time to go home! Not my favorite memory, but its nice to see that she loves water so much!


  180. My story to follow will explain why I’d be thankful to have the bule polka dot swim nappy, size XL. For the first TWO years of my son’s life I did not know that the disposable swim diapers were made to rip off at the sides. As a sidenote, my “prefers to poop only at home” son seems to particularly like pooping in swim diapers. So messy. So gross. There is no “tidy” way to remove a poopy disposable diaper without ripping off the sides so it was nice to learn that, even if it was two years too late.

  181. Oooohhhh! We’d love a medium nappy in the blue polka dots! We haven’t had the chance to get our 9mo. old to the pool yet, but can’t wait to do so! 🙂
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Manifesto =-.

  182. I’d love a blue polka dot nappy in large for my enormous 9 month old baby boy, Rhys. He likes to be stylin at the pool.

  183. I would love to have the blue dots in large for my little man! We haven’t taken him swimming yet so I’ll share my favorite story of going to the beach as a child. Before our first trip to the ocean I watched the movie “Splash” and became convinced that I could actually be a mermaid and just not know it since I had never been in the ocean before. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I got in the water and didn’t magically transform, but I was caught up in the excitement of being at the beach and got over it fairly quickly!

  184. Would love the blue swim cloth diapers in a medium.

    Our kids love to hang out at the beach/pool. And since we’re in Missouri, there’s plenty of hot weather to spur us to go.
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Old Friends =-.

  185. I’d love the medium pink swim nappie for my baby girl.

    We love to go Lake Huron and get a picture of the first time they feel the waves on their toes.

  186. I would love a blue polkadot swim nappie in size large or extra large. My favorite swim memory is swimming in a spring fed stream by my cousins house on a very hot summer day. The stream wasn’t deep, but it was cold and so clear it amazed me.

  187. We’d love a blue one for our baby boy–who is already a size medium but not yet 3 months old! What a great idea these are. Wish we’d had one for our daughter when she was still in diapers.

  188. Awwww, they are all SO adorable! I especially like the lime green fish print nappy…..large please 🙂 My 15 mth old daughter just went into the lake for the 1st time last weekend – she wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of ‘wading’ in the water but oh my, did she ever enjoy ‘relaxing’ in the inflatable baby seat! She was in her glory being pulled around by her 3 yr old cousin – a classic ‘Kodak moment’!

  189. these are totally adorable! we love them all, but the green suit and the pink nappy in large would suit our little darling best.

    she was born in the water and started swimming at a local saline pool when she was 3 months old. we can’t wait to take her to the beach in September to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday.

  190. Awesome give away. I can’t tell you how many sposie swim diapers I have soaked this summer. I’d love the blue dot nappy, size large. My baby is definitely a water baby, and he’s already mastered the art of splashing everyone in site when in the pool or at our friend’s lake cottage in NC. He couldn’t get enough of the sun and the hammock on the dock, and a free reusable swim diaper would be awesome to have.

  191. My little flower will look fab in a red or green swimsuit in size large. My daughter is 9 months and just a week ago she had her first trip to the beach, and did amaze me how she spent a lot of time feeling the sand a reminder of taking time to be curiousand appreciate little things in life.

  192. I would love to have a Large Blue dot swim nappie for my son. We have always cloth diapered but haven’t gotten any cloth swim diapers yet. These are so cute!! Thanks. And my best memory of the beach with my children would be going to Sanibel Island a few weeks ago where there are shells galore. We’ve been to the beach several times, but this is the first time since my son could walk. He had so much fun picking up all the shells. As I was collecting my favorite ones, he was following saying, “I help Momma” and throwing handfuls into my bag. It was wonderful.
    .-= Senae´s last blog ..Motivation =-.

  193. My little one is 11 months (11kg-15kg) – we rencently moved to a place near the beach … & will love to take her for a ‘swim’. She didn’t like the water much when she was much younger … but hopefully she will start to enjoy it. Summer is just around the corner here in South Africa … so I will have to start preparing for those lovely beach trips with our bundle of joy.

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