Summer Giveaway: BAMBINO MIO Cloth Swim Diapers and Nappy Swimsuits

It’s summertime! The season of sprinklers, sea, and pools. Cooling off while cloth-diapering never looked so cute, thanks to the Bambino Mio cloth diaper swimwear line.
Bambino Mio, makers of those adorable prefold and cover cloth diaper sets, is giving away FOUR swim nappies (swim cloth diapers) and TWO nappy swimsuits (with cloth diapers built in). Behold the photos. Swim-Nappy-(PinkandBlue-Spots)Swim nappies in pink and blue dot fabrics.Nappy-Swimsuit-(RedandGreenFish) Red Fish and Lime Green Fish print nappy bathing suits.

This is a giveaway with lots of chances to win–my favorite kind. Four nappy winners and two nappy swimsuit winners will get to choose size and color. For a limited time, Bambino Mio is offering a 20% off discount on spot swim nappies–so you may want to scoop one up while the discount applies.

Sizes for the swim nappies are: Small (11-16 lbs), Medium (16-21 lbs), Large (21-27 lbs), extra large (27 – 34 lbs). The come in pink and blue dot fabric choices.

Sizes for the swimsuits are: Sizes: Medium (16-21 lbs) and Large (21-27 lbs). They come in red and lime green fish prints.

Here’s how you enter to win:

•Leave a comment below with your preference, color, and size (and if you have time, your best or funniest memory of either taking your kids to the beach or pool or going as a kid)

•Click on the link to visit the Bambino Mio website

•Give Bambino Mio’s facebook page a boost by hitting “Like.” You can also follow them on Twitter at

And remember, if you want to spring for some Bambino Mio swimwear, click here to buy (look for a special 20% discount on select items).

More intel on Bambino Mio:

The swim nappies were just awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent approved) Seal of Approval.

The Bambino Mio swim nappies have a concealed waterproof layer, leak proof legs and waistband and there is no need to use an additional nappy.

•The lining is cotton so that it is soft against baby’s skin

•Prevents solids from escaping

•Elasticized leg cuffs and waistband provide a secure, slim fit

•Lightweight and comfortable

•Machine washable

•Retail value $16.95 (currently $12.95 for spot pattern nappies)

Bambino Mio recently launched a nappy swimsuit.

The integrated swim nappy in their nappy swimsuit means no other nappy is required for your baby when in the water.

•Made from a super-stretchy swim fabric

•Machine washable

•Now available in lime fish and red fish prints

•Retail value $29.95
Nappy swimsuit3

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