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Breastfeeding USAMost American mothers do not get the breastfeeding help and support they need, and many give up before they reach their goals. Three-quarters of women begin breastfeeding at birth, but by 6 months only about 44% are breastfeeding at all, and only 24% make it to the recommended one year mark.


Enter Breastfeeding USA, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide free, evidence-based information and support to women and families through its growing national network of volunteer accredited Breastfeeding Counselors.


Breastfeeding USA needs your help to grow. Consider donating to its crowdsourcing campaign or sharing the campaign with others. This campaign continues through World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) and ends August 16th. Donor perks include autographed books, professional-grade breast pumps and 1-hour Skype sessions with internationally known authors.


Incorporated in November 2010, Breastfeeding USA began accrediting Breastfeeding Counselors in 2011. Currently it has Breastfeeding Counselors active in 20 states and, by next year, it hopes to have Breastfeeding Counselors in all 50 states. For more details visit

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