Surviving Abuse Forum Guidelines

Surviving Abuse – Rules and Guidelines of the Forum

Abuse in all forms impacts us profoundly. It affects our emotions, our fears, our relationships, as well as when, if, and how we mother. In order to process some of how abuse impacts and affects our mothering, MDC has decided to create a private Surviving Abuse forum for its members.

The Surviving Abuse Forum is a private forum for those members who have experienced or are experiencing abuse in any of form. We are limiting access to the forum to members who have over 500 posts, are female, and who have been active participants at MDC for over a year. This is not to exclude people who may have a very real need for such a forum and the support offered therein, but is one of few possible security measures we can take to create a safe place for members to share their stories and feelings. This forum does not and should not replace professional counseling services. This is not a professional support group but a private forum for members of the MDC community to discuss abuse without concern of public view.

While we appreciate the desire for support and information that people have when a loved one has experienced abuse, this forum was not created for that purpose. It exists for women to work with their own stories and healing, and is not a place to reach out for information, resources, or support regarding any other person’s healing or safety, not even that of a child.

MotheringDotCommunity does not host graphic discussions of sexuality, only those topics which are inherently related to Mothering topics. This includes specific descriptions of the abuse members may have experienced and topics related to healing and sexuality. Support and information for such topics can be found elsewhere on the internet and are beyond the scope of what we can host here.

Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, we have decided to make confidentiality a priority. In applying for admittance to this forum you agree to strictly uphold confidentiality of posts and participants. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

~not allowing people who are not members of this Surviving Abuse forum to read posts within it.

~not reproducing, through cut and paste or paraphrasing, anything posted to the forum.

~not gossiping or talking about members posts or stories at other online communities or communication venues, whether public or private, or talking about it with people outside of the community.

As always, please keep the MDC User Agreement in mind when posting to this or any other forum here. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, and will immediately be removed by the moderators and warnings issued. If the attacks persist, the offending member will be denied any further access to this forum. We ask that you please refrain from posting explicit descriptions of the abuse you have suffered as this may cause extreme distress and even flashbacks for other members reading it. The purpose of this forum is not specifically to share stories of abuse but rather to help one another in dealing with issues that abuse experience presents us in parenting.

We also wish to make it very clear that it is acceptable to share with others how your faith has helped you but it is not acceptable to proselytize any religious beliefs or practices to others who may not share your point of view.

This is a forum for participation. No lurking will be permitted and lurkers will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. If you request permission to this forum, you must participate in the discussions. If you do not feel comfortable posting you must notify the moderator so that your access can be removed.

It is very possible that what you post here can be identified, shared with others, or read by someone who has not been granted access to this forum. Please keep this in mind when sharing your personal information and experiences. Please keep in mind as well that MDC does not permit mass deletion of posts so you are not permitted to remove what you have written here, even when you no longer wish to participate in the forum or have your access removed for any reason.

Moderators and administration reserve the right to refuse a member access to this forum based on the criteria of the forum and the rules and guidelines specific to the forum as well as those in the MDC User Agreement or at their professional discretion.

If you meet the criteria (you have over 500 posts, are female and have been registered at MDC for over a year). Please take the following steps to submit a membership request:

Send a Private Message to a forum moderators: Shantimama or Bad Mama Jama.

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