The Ultimate Guide to Green School Supplies

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Looking for eco-friendly solutions for school shopping this year? We’ve created six easy to use guides that break down some of the best green options for back to school basics. From easy to find brands who are making an eco effort to more unique, stylish and sustainable supplies that you would normally have to dig to find. We hope the items in the guides below will help you green your shopping list this year.

Mothering would like to thank Amy Serotkin of The Mindful Home for her expert assistance in creating these helpful back to school guides. Please check out her site and the many wonderful, naturally focused guides and reviews she has to offer. Look for more information about her site below.


6 Big Brands Making an Eco Effort

Many major retailers and manufacturers have introduced product lines made of sustainable materials. Other big companies are still making a number of their products in the USA despite pressure to produce overseas. Here are six of our favorites. 


Notebooks, Paper and Binders

Let your kids celebrate their sustainability in style with these gorgeous notebooks, paper products and binders made with the earth in mind. Many are made from non paper alternatives and others contain recycled content or are FSC certified.


Pens, Pencils and Highlighters

Little changes make a big difference. Choosing sustainable alternatives to even the most minor items is a great way to help kids celebrate our earth all year long. Here are some of our best picks for eco-friendly pens, pencils and highlighters.


 Miscellaneous School Supplies

Looking for some unique and eco-friendly products to round out your school supplies list? Don’t miss these green alternatives to conventional choices on everything from calculators to glue sticks.

f42d7b1a_keenBackpacks and Messenger Bags

After some serious research we are glad to announce that we have uncovered 10 eco-friendly and/or made in the USA bags that are perfect for back to school at any age. From super cute packs for the elementary crowd to stylish and durable selections for middle and highschoolers, we’ve got it all.

Long Honey sticks-500x500

Safe and All Natural Crayons

Most commercial crayons are made with paraffin, a petroleum based wax that is not easily biodegradable. Others have questionable additives. Here is a list of brands made with safe, natural ingredients to fit this year’s school supply list.

A Note from Amy 

At The Mindful Home, I create informative, thorough product guides, review individual items, and occasionally include related DIY projects. My goal is to provide everything in one place, so consumers can find environmentally friendly, non-toxic products with ease. I like to have all the pertinent links to information on toxins and manufacturing details included, so my readers can always choose to explore more if they like. I try to feature smaller retailers, manufacturers and crafters, and I’m always focused on finding things that are created in the most conscientious manner. 

At The Mindful Home, you can find the following three guides and much, much more, including periodic giveaways.

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  1. Interesting school supplies. This is absolutely good for children. At the same time we can educate them the importance of green living. Also this way, we can set examples to other students on how to live green and make a difference.

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