Sustainably and Ethically Produced Organic Clothing: Our Pact Apparel Review

PACT is a clothing company worth getting excited about. With a mission to provide sustainably and ethically produced organic cotton clothing, this company’s practices are a breath of fresh air on many levels. As a parent who dreads buying new clothes for my kids, due to the downright unacceptable circumstances that often accompany the production of most clothing, if feels really good to know that, from start to finish, PACT is going out of their way to make responsible choices for everyone involved.

PACT uses only organic, non-GMO cotton that is ethically planted and harvested to make a wide range of basics for women, men and babies. This alone is excellent, but it gets better because all of their items are manufactured in ethical facilities free from child labor, employing people who are paid reasonable wages and treated fairly. PACT also uses factories that hold themselves to high environmental and safety standards.

We had a chance to try out a few of their basics for babies: the long sleeve snapster, cuffster pants, socks and reversible beanie. The organic cotton is blended with 5 percent spandex, giving each item a good amount of stretch while still maintaining the cotton’s softness. Light and snug-fitting, each item would be great for layering or excellent alone on a warmer day.

We loved how well the comfy socks stayed on baby’s feet and the great fit of the beanie, even on a wide range of head sizes. We were pleased with the quality of construction of each piece and how well the fit accommodated an active little one.

With vibrant colors and unique, appealing prints, there is a lot to love about PACT baby clothes. Each item is a vote for more ethical and sustainable practices in the clothing industry, so you can feel good about putting them on your child, or yourself.

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