Swap Forum Guidelines

MDC Swap Board Rules and Guidelines

Access to the Swap board is restricted to members who have been registered for 6 months and have at least 150 posts.

Money is not to change hands in the Swap forum. Buying and selling is not permitted. Paypal is not considered a swap item. It’s considered buying/selling. "Swapping" for Paypal is not allowed in the Swap forum.

Organizers must have participated in at least 4 swaps before taking on the coordinator position. This is to include at least one swap of the same type you are organizing (i.e. traditional, craft, reverse, etc…)

Organizers shall be in charge of no more than one swap at any given time.

Participants shall not be involved in more than three swaps at any given time.

All participants must have some proof that a package has been sent. This can be Delivery Confirmation, Insurance, Customs forms, P.O. receipt that can be scanned, etc.

If a member does not send out a swap package in the allotted time and is not actively working with the recipient to resolve the situation, the moderator of the forum needs to be contacted and the non-participating member will lose their Trading Post access until the situation is resolved.

Feedback is appreciated in all situations. Feedback is to be left only by the recipient and not the organizer. Participants may leave feedback for the organizer.

Please contact a moderator or administrator with any questions or concerns. Thanks so much and happy swapping!

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