Swine Flu Vaccine for Baby’s Siblings?

Hello, I’m wondering if you agree with our pediatrician, who is suggesting that we vaccinate our 3 older children (ages 3 and 6) against swine flu in order to protect their younger brother (who is 4 months old). There are many cases of flu in our children’s schools, so it does seem likely that they will contract it this season. That said, all of the cases have been quite mild. We have never vaccinated for anything thus far, and it’s hard for me to fathom vaccinating against a relatively mild disease. Is our exclusively breastfed 4-month-old really at great risk? I am actually not super paranoid about vaccine reactions, and I would vaccinate our kids if the baby would really benefit from it. I’m also wondering if giving the kids the vaccine now (it just arrived at the ped office this week) even makes sense since it will take a while (3 weeks? 4 weeks?) before it’s effective, and the flu is already circulating in our area rapidly. None of our children have preexisting medical conditions, and we are supplementing them with vitamins c and d.

In general I’m not a big fan of flu shots.  You can check out my latest blog on TheVaccineBook.com homepage – the second blog down.  Yes, an infant does have some risk of having a bad case, but that risk is relatively small.

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