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By Melissa Scholes Young Web Exclusive – September 8, 2008   “Oh! When are you due?” The stranger reaches over and grips my belly between both hands. There is rubbing. There is patting. A stranger’s finger is caressing my belly button.   “Any day

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One of my favorite girls’ names is Ramona. According to our name books (we own several), it means “wise protector” and is derived from archaic French. I love how it sounds. And we love the spunky, willful, imaginative Ramona who Beverly Cleary writes about.

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Our 16-year-old babysitter, who lives across the street, hates her name, which rhymes with her mother’s. “It’s so common,” she complained. She and I were in the bathroom helping the kids brush their teeth. “I wish I had a meaningful name. I wish my