Wednesday Morning Sex Talk

The people around me are waking up — it’s a quickening, of sorts. Commitments are deepening. Breakthroughs are happening. This summer, something sparkly and hot is in the air. And it’s pretty sexy. But I happen to find consciousness super sexy. And the more

The Old Women

All of us come from pagans. “Heathens” as some like to say, who were more familiar with the Earth’s cycles than say, what cycle America’s Next Top Model is currently on. My ancestors are from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Yours might have been

Happy? Then Say So!

How are things? Good. Yeah, good. Fine. Things are fine. Let me ask that question again: How are things? Glorious. Fabulous. It all feels like an adventure right now. I have synchronicities piling up everywhere. I’ve got all the money I need, in fact,

Girl Power Reinvented

Thank you to Julie Lancaster for this guest post. I believe in girl-power. Rich, music-blaring, arm-wrestling, mountain-climbing girl-power. But then my mom got Botoxed. Botulism right in the face. In her forehead and cheeks. Growing up, her lessons to me were how to be


Some days, just getting through has to be enough. And if 1) no one has gotten seriously hurt; and 2) there’s been no major collateral damage; and 3) no kittens have died,* all the better.** That long list of things you fully intended to

Grief Tea

While no soother is equal to the loss of a child, you must take care of yourself even in the most difficult of times. Afternoon tea is a way to do this. Borage, said to relieve sadness and grief, is an herb known in