Body and Soul

Finding an Alternative Practitioner

If you are looking to find an alternative practitioner for your family, here are some starting points.  Always try to start with a recommendation: either a referral from a friend or another patient, or from another health practitioner (your pediatrician, nurse-practitioner, or midwife). The

Debunking Fluoride

Debunking Fluoride: Cavity Fighter or Toxic Intruder? By Carol S. KopfIssue 107, July/August 2001 It just became easier to say “No thanks!” to fluoride supplements. Fluoride drops, tablets, and vitamins are more likely to damage children’s teeth than to prevent cavities, according to mainstream

Pulse Open, Open, Open…

open wide. give your desires words. out loud words. tenderly gaze of the eye to eye. expose your craving anyway you must, under a blanket or backed by a rented band. reveal your intentions, clean. stand there, vulnerable, waiting. describe your dream, in detail.

A Poem For My Son

mother’s day when you were born my days were suddenly full of trees and apples of hope and the machinations of terror I conceived of space my world became the size of a seed pointed and round no intruders a harvest of possibility only

Wednesday Morning Sex Talk

The people around me are waking up — it’s a quickening, of sorts. Commitments are deepening. Breakthroughs are happening. This summer, something sparkly and hot is in the air. And it’s pretty sexy. But I happen to find consciousness super sexy. And the more

The Old Women

All of us come from pagans. “Heathens” as some like to say, who were more familiar with the Earth’s cycles than say, what cycle America’s Next Top Model is currently on. My ancestors are from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Yours might have been