The Breastfeeding Father

Many mothers struggle with confidence when breastfeeding: They doubt the baby’s desire to breastfeed, they doubt their family’s support for breastfeeding, and most of all, they doubt themselves and their ability to breastfeed. A new mother struggles with confidence almost every day, and her

How Breastfeeding On Demand Changed My Life

By Deborah Bershatsky, PhD, Reprinted with permission from Attachment Parenting International. Visit their site for more helpful articles and resources. “We’ll put her on modified demand feeding,” the pediatrician said confidently at Rachel’s one week visit. I was eager to be a good

Tandem Breastfeeding

By Christine Gilbert  for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers   I have a secret. I’m still breastfeeding my three-year-old son, along with his three-month-old sister. They call it tandem breastfeeding, but they might as well call it shameful-secret-of-mommies-who-are-doing-it-wrong because that’s exactly what it feels