WPA Poster, 1938

In the early to mid twentieth century there was constant conflicting medical advice about how a mother should feed her baby. At least now every major medical association (to my knowledge) recognizes that breast is best. But back then, the advice was not as

Breasts As Objects

Well, it certainly doesn’t help breastfeeding matters any when women’s breasts are seen as objects of gratification as opposed to means to feed one’s baby. This photograph was taken of a carnival at Shelby County Fair and Horse Show Shelbyville, Kentuckym August 1940 Aug.

Sick Baby on Formula

This picture is actually quite difficult for me to look at because it is extremely obvious how this mother just wants the best for her baby, but is solely relying on artificial means to make him well. This photograph was taken by Dorothea Lange

Hulling Berries and Breastfeeding

Again…breastfeeding in public: No big deal! Here is a mother hulling berries while she nurses her infant. Her other children sit beside her, also at work. Little Mabel Cuthrie [i.e., Guthrie?], 4 yrs. old started working last year. Location: [Seaford?, Delaware?] May 1910.

Another Coal Miner’s Wife and Child

Coal miner’s wife and child. Pursglove, West Virginia. 1938 Sept Here’s the funny thing about these photos: During this time, it was the poor mothers who stayed fast to the natural art of breastfeeding, whereas metropolitan mothers and those who had better access to