Choice is a Red Herring

    Like cigarette smoking, breastfeeding is a public health issue, not a freedom of choice issue. Obviously, US women feel free to choose not to breastfeed; most of them do. If women were actually intimidated into breastfeeding, we would have a breastfeeding culture.

The tandem mommy

Until I did it, I had little idea of what tandem nursing involved. It’s possibly an even more hush-hush topic than toddler nursing, and it can be one of the most intense but rewarding experiences of motherhood. It’s not for everyone, and even mothers

A mammal, and proud of it!

It’s easy to forget that we humans are animals– mammals to be precise. Perhaps it can be distasteful to think that we are just another animal.  But reminding ourselves of this simple truth can be a brilliant way of connecting with our instincts and

One Breast is Enough

By Patricia G. Blomme Issue 129 March/April 2005 I have been blessed in my lifetime—I have had the pleasure of placing five children to my breast. That singular term, breast, is very accurate. Four of my children have benefited from my having nursed them

NFP or FAM Methods While Breastfeeding

Lactational Amenorrhea Method – can be used for 6 months or until your first postpartum bleed after 56 days postpartum.  98-99% effective.  Lactational Amenorrhea may continue past 6 months, but the effectiveness of depending on it to prevent pregnancy is reduced.  Must use a