Family Life

Parenting Fails

I’m not the parent I thought I’d be. I had big plans, big plans before having kids. I was going to be endlessly patient, I wasn’t ever going to yell. I wouldn’t swear under my breath (on a good day). My kids would be

How Adoption is Unique

As an adopted person, my birthday this week brings thoughts about my entry into this world, thoughts about some ways that adoption is unique. Before getting my degree and writing Parenting for Peace, my previous body of work explored the psychological and social issues

Parenting Advice for Raising Teenagers

By Jessica Williams for Parenting adolescents can be extremely emotionally challenging. Trying to keep your cool during a teenage outburst of blame and hysteria can untether even the most grounded parent. In a recent interview, Michael Bradley, Ed.D., Psychologist and author of Yes,

On Sex and Cosleeping

From our wedding, by Owl Heart I got married back in November, after knowing my husband for 7 years.  He is my best friend, my soul partner, my rock, my clown, all of those good things.  And we often don’t sleep together. “Gasp!  What?!  You