Family Life

The Joy of Christmas

About a month ago, as I thought about Christmas, I had the deep desire to adopt a family.  But money has been tight in our house and I knew we could never do it justice, so I just dismissed the notion.  Instead, we decided

Storming the E-Castle

Years ago, Stephanie, our designer Anne, and I went to see the editor of a huge, glossy magazine give a talk. It was a fancy-schmancy affair, set up in the dome of the University of Virginia’s famed Rotunda, with its Jeffersonian architecture and luxe

Joyful Noises

one of my sheep warming up to sing at last year’s Christmas pageant I ran into my friend and neighbor yesterday, and she asked if I’d be interested in co-hosting a Christmas caroling party. You mean, I asked, like a real song-singing, cookie-eating, wassail-drinking

simple pleasures

My son, Reeve, was just home from college for the Thanksgiving holidays. He was here for the whole week—nothing else planned—and we managed to pack in a whole lot of “nothing”—leisurely time where he and Tim and I just hung out: laughed a lot,