Family Life

Buying Pot for my 11-Year-Old

  I am standing in line in one of our state’s legal pot clubs, which sells marijuana to anyone with a doctor’s letter of recommendation. The “patients” look similar to the customers in a middle-market liquor store. There are a preponderance of frat boys

Raising a Sensitive Son

  While I sat in my comfy chair writing last week’s post as my little boy slept and my older son was trying to fall asleep, Everest stumbled out of bed to tell me he felt scared. This was hardly a new communication; he’s felt scared more

Standing Up: Mom on Mom Bullying

For the past few days I’ve been working on a story as part of my freelance writing work with The Huffington Post. The topic is one I’ve covered before: online mom bullying. Due to increased awareness about the prevalence of bullying in our schools,

What Teens Need from Us

A common misconception is that teens need us to drop the reins. But neurodevelopmentally, they are as tender as infants, so teens still need us very much. One of the most important books I’ve encountered about parenting during early adolescence is poignantly and aptly