Mud puddles, rain drops, and worms.

We live in the midwest.  We had a big storm yesterday, one that started off as rain, switched to snow and hail, and eventually became rain again.  All throughout, we experienced thunder and lightning.  Honestly, I thought it was spectacular!  I love a good thunderstorm, though usually it

Finding Your Tribe

We all need connections with other parents. This article shares the story of one mom who found a special way to connect and create a mini-community all her own. If you are looking for ways to connect with moms in your local area check

Mama Ache

Wee-hour anxiety. Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about—it comes with parenting. Our 21-year-old son, Reeve, was home for a couple of nights this week. It’s Spring Break, and he and friends are on their way up to Estes Park, Colorado, where their