Motherhood Brings Me Down

“Waaaaake UP, Maaamaaaa.” My five-year old’s whine cut cruelly through REM mode like a dull knife pressing down on a firm tomato. My brain explodes red pulp and seeds. It’s like the film Inception but instead of my secrets being stolen from my resting


In the past week, many events have transpired.  It all began with a simple Facebook message on the night of Easter.  I sent a “Happy Easter” message to Baby Girl’s mom (our former foster daughter), asking how her day had gone.  It began a

I Knew You When

I was sitting perched on the arm of our couch, quietly observing my father-in-law, husband, and son. Next to me was Gabriel, rapt and motionless, listening to his grandfather read a story. At the far end sat Mike, puzzling over conic sections for the