Remembering Baby Fox

One month ago today, a baby named Fox Elijah King was born to an awesome & radical couple, my friends April & Morgan.  April had a normal, healthy pregnancy, prioritizing an already-stretched budget to eat whole foods; she labored & delivered Fox naturally even though

The Rubberband of Marriage

Up & Down Three young children ain’t for the weak of heart. Grown up needs aren’t always met and sometimes, tensions mount. How do we reconcile ourselves to this, we the generation of pleasure seeking, goal attaining, push-the-envelope, follow your heart, live by your dream,

The Family Unity Speech

  Grandparents on canals with grandchildren Hi Friends, I want to share with you a L.O.V.E. Parenting concept called the Family Unity Speech. This conversation helps ground your child(ren) in their unique history, the core values of your family and helps elevate the consciousness

late night calls: mom v. dad

Late-Night Call to Mom, Saturday, 2:35 a.m. Reeve (calling from El Paso where he just finished the first day of a voice competition, now wandering the halls of the hotel where he’s staying in a room with five other voice students, three to a