late night calls: mom v. dad

Late-Night Call to Mom, Saturday, 2:35 a.m. Reeve (calling from El Paso where he just finished the first day of a voice competition, now wandering the halls of the hotel where he’s staying in a room with five other voice students, three to a

what’s in a name?

Last month we had a lively discussion about twenty-first-century family names over at my other blog, Daddy Dialectic. A number of writers and researchers have found many non-traditional families adopting some quasi-traditional naming practices–primarily, the wife taking her husband’s name and/or children receiving their

Rootless and Trailing

A useful comment from Catherine Price at Salon: Thursday, CNN has a piece touching on another aspect of marital gender/power dynamics: so-called trailing spouses, that is, a spouse who takes on a less than ideal or worse-paying job when his or her partner relocates