A few of my (current) favorite things:

Teeccino, Chocolate flavor. It’s like drinking a doughnut. A no-sugar added, herbal, liquid doughnut. I mean this in the best possible way. It also reminds me of General Foods International Coffee commercials…that’s the feeling I get drinking it–without actually imbibing crappy, Euro-fetishizing, chemically laden,

Are You a Pizzaholic?

My mother-in-law has been visiting and we were all at a complete loss for what to make for dinner for the last night of her stay. “PIZZA!” Athena and Etani shouted together. “Pizza sounds good,” James and his mom agreed. “I DO NOT WANT

chicken, little

So, I’ve really been trying to stretch my grocery dollar. I can be guilty of spending more on recipe ingredients than I would on going out to a restaurant. Lately I’ve been trying to see how little I can spend, and I’ve even come

feel like making quinoa!

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