Time Out from Time Out

So there you are one afternoon, at the end of your rope with an out-of-control three-year-old. You know you won’t spank him, and you have become mindful of avoiding shame-based measures, so what’s left? Is “Time Out” the answer?   At the risk of

Pizza and Big Emotions

“But I wanted PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!” he wailed across the restaurant filled with customers. “But you ordered tomato soup,” I reminded him for the fifth time while gesturing to the soup and bread set in front of him. “It’s here. We can’t take it back.” Despite

Fake It Until You Make It

How Pretending I Was a Better Parent Helped Me Be a Better Parent   I’m going to put myself out there and admit something that I typically do not admit in print. Vulnerability isn’t comfortable for me (understatement), but I am guessing that most