The Scars Mommy Hides

There are so many different mothers and children and so many different situations and lifestyles and choices and preferences that it is quite difficult to make any generalities about mothering. What might be right for one wealthy mother with a host of nannies in Beverly

Six-Word Stories

Ernest Hemingway was having lunch with several writers when he bet them he could write an entire novel in just six words. He friends scoffed. Hemingway asked each of them to put $10 in the pot. If he was right, he’d win the money.

Living in Uncertainty

Whenever I watch the reality TV show Giuliana & Bill, I tell my husband: “Their lives parallel ours!” (Well, except for the minor details that they are rich, famous, and beautiful.) She wants to live in L.A. He wants to live in Chicago. They


Beth, our yoga instructor, took a dry erase marker and wrote a word I’d never seen before on the board: citta. “Citta. Anyone know what it means?” she asked. She pronounced the word chitta. I was attending an all-day fertility yoga workshop, and there