Vaccination Forum Guidelines

We embrace all parents, regardless of their vaccination choice. Our Vaccinations forums discuss issues and concerns so that parents can make an informed decision. We are not, however, interested in hosting discussions advocating for mandatory vaccination.   We have intelligent, passionate, and wise voices

Intactivism Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the Intactivism Forum!   Intactivism is genital integrity activism. It can take many forms including the following examples:     Working to enact legislation to support parents who choose to not circumcise Educating mothers and mothers-to-be about circumcision and genital integrity Demonstrate against those

Wiki Guidelines

  Wiki guidelines:    Wikis are intended to be used as sources of natural family living information for our community. This can include lists from Due Date Clubs, resource information on various topics or how-to tutorials.    Wikis must abide by our User Agreement and

Review Guidelines

Reviews are subject to the User Agreement and will be moderated. In addition to the User Agreement, the following guidelines apply:   *Reviews are for products only. Please do not post to review things such as customer service, shipping, returns, office staff, phone messages