My Vaccine Info

  Vaccination. The topic is enough to make my stomach churn, because of the ugliness that so often follows.  I’ve read a million debates about breastfeeding and formula, circumcision, cry-it-out, carseats, and more.  Yet nothing gets so viciously attacked as the choice to refuse

Vaccinations: Why All the Fuss?

Issue 134 By Peggy O’Mara Mothering has been publishing articles on vaccination for 27 years. In 1979, our first article on vaccines was intended for the early Mothering readership of natural-living pioneers who questioned medical interventions in general. Newer generations question not only the

Special Report: Vaccines

    Mothering’s Special Report on Vaccines showcases current and past Mothering articles and resources on the topic of vaccine safety and efficacy.   Join the Discussion   • Peggy on Pregnancy & Vaccines   • General Vaccine Forums   • I’m Not Vaccinating   • Selective &

Far-Off Adventures

By Sherri J. Tenpenny Issue 120, September-October 2003     The time has finally arrived for the highly anticipated trip out of the country. The plans began long ago: airplane tickets, hotel reservations, rental car, sightseeing plans. The bags are being pulled from the

The Case for Vaccination

Ultimately, the case for vaccination is that it saves lives. It has changed the face of medicine over the last few decades in this country.  There are risks to vaccines, as there are risks to all medical treatments and, for that matter, everything in