Work and Family

Juggling Career and Home

By Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner Issue 117, March – April 2003 For a long time it was assumed that professional success, power, and full-time motherhood were mutually exclusive, and women who took time out of their careers to parent were seen as leaving professional life forever.

Building Opportunity Through Photography

Mathare is collection of slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya. The population includes hundreds of thousands of children. Although pollution, poverty, disease, and crime are ever-present, hope lives there too. One way out for children is vision and empowerment.  A foundation started by former slum-dweller Julius Mwelu  is

When Working Mothers Strike…

This morning thousands of Hyatt hotel workers across the country walked out on strike demanding justice on the job for unionize and non-union hotel workers.[1] Many of these workers are women who work as housekeepers in the hotels. Hotel work is highly gender segregated