Take a Nap, Make a Better Birth Choice

I posted this on my BOLD blog, but I thought I”d repost here for all you pregnant mamas (and not pregnant!)!

For those of you who have read my Mothering Magazine blog you’ll know my new obsession lately is napping. Not just any nap, but a yoga nidra nap.

I’m so nap-happy this year that starting on Mother’s Day I plan to commit to taking one nap every day for a year. And I want you to too.

The science is out there: naps can be life-changing, increase productivity, elevate mood and a yoga nidra nap can do even more – including helping moms with childbirth trauma heal. Naps are that important.

But this post isn’t just about napping. It’s about birth choices. To paraphrase Dr. Christianne Northrup who spoke at BOLD’s first year performance kick-off Labor Day weekend 2006:

“I want to know why women are more interested in a Prada bag than they are in having a powerful birth experience?”

I think I know. As I mentioned before on this blog, it’s a cultural thing. We’re so wacked-out busy these days that tuning into our bodies is unimaginable and unattainable for many. And if you’re pregnant and not tuned into your body you can forget about making positive birth choices.

I”ve interviewed so many mothers about their birth stories, heard thousands of moms tell their birth stories at our BOLD Red Tents and most women who did not make birth choices that were in line with what their bodies told them had bad birth experiences. Of course moms who are in tune with their bodies and make choices from that place can also end up with a bad birth experience, but that actually doesn’t happen as often you think. Why? Because, as Dr. Northrup pointed out, moms who are in tune with their bodies and well-read on childbirth today and know they want a natural birth will chose homebirth or a birth center with a reputation for following the midwifery model of care. And mothers who are not in tune with their bodies and not well-read on childbirth… will chose a Prada Bag.

So what if you’re a pregnant mom who is well-read on childbirth but not tuned in to your body? You’re super busy, may even take a prenatal yoga class, but you haven’t slowed down to ask your body: what emotions or beliefs are inside of me around childbirth? What needs to be explored before I give birth?

This is where yoga nidra steps in nicely. Yoga nidra is a meditative technique that helps you invite messengers in your body for “tea and conversation.” Ultimately it helps you discover the stillness inside of you. And when that stillness is in place and all your messengers have been heard then making positive birth choices that are right for you often follow.

But here’s the best part about yoga nidra, the reason I think every prenatal, new, and “old” mom needs to be doing regular yoga nidra: in a group (or even individually) all you have to do is lie down to receive it. Isn’t that the-bomb-for-moms?

This week I had a mother of an 8 month old in one of my weekly yoga nidra classes tell me she just needed to lie down. That’s fine, you can fall asleep doing yoga nidra and you still gain benefits! Another mom this week told me she felt a tingling through her body similar to when she has done Qigong. Yes, it’s that powerful!

And while a group experience is different than an individual session, both offer ways moms can become more in touch with their True Selves. For pregnant moms, I am convinced this will translate into making authentic birth choices that will result in a better birth.

So consider joining me starting Mother’s Day for this napping revolution! One nap every day. I can’t wait to see what personal – and childbirth – transformations unfold.

PS: For the month of May I am offering 1/2 price private yoga nidra sessions by phone for any pregnant, new or “old” mother! Click here to learn more and contact me.

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