Talk Amongst Ourselves Forum Guidelines

Hi, welcome to TAO! In response to member input, and in an effort to make TAO more member-friendly and minimize moderation, we have removed the thread pre-approval process. We hope this will help the flow of conversation, but we need your help!

As you know, MDC is dedicated to Natural Family Living, and we are not specifically a debate board. Please read this to learn more about our purpose. TAO is an “off-topic” forum intended for discussion not hosted in the other forums. If your thread could go in a variety of forums, you are welcome to post in TAO. If your TAO threaddoes fit in another forum, please place it there for organizational purposes. Threads posted in TAO that are clearly suited to another forum will be moved with a redirected link to the more applicable forum. We do not plan to penalize members for misplaced threads unless it becomes an ongoing issue with an individual. 

Please do not take a thread’s relocation personally. Moderators volunteer to help MDC run smoothly and efficiently so that we can all find community, information and support. Moderators are members, too, and they are here to help ensure the community’s mission is upheld and the forum’s organization is maintained. The MDC User Agreement is in effect, and participants are expected to do their part in maintaining a respectful atmosphere in TAO. If you see a thread or post that you feel is inappropriate, please utilize the report button rather than posting to the thread itself. 

Vents in TAO: Please avoid negative characterizations, insults, blanket statements, condemnations of others, etc. Members are welcome to post seeking advice, opinions or suggestions on how best to handle conflict, and we welcome posts about changing attitudes as a whole and how to deal with differing views. Venting is understandable, however, we will discourage bashing. Threads that are inflammatory, hurtful or disrespectful will be removed.

Based on past experience, the following is a list of commonly misplaced thread topics in TAO: 

  1. News and Current Events: News & Current Events are not hosted in TAO. This includes politics. Members may discuss news items in appropriate parenting forums such as breastfeeding news in Lactivism, birth related issues in the birth forums or chickenpox outbreaks in Health & Healing. Keep in mind that news threads need to remain on-topic to the forum and should not be about the individuals but about the general topic. If the news does not belong in a core forum, we are not hosting the discussion at MDC . We do not wish to host celebrity gossip. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please see this for more details.
  2. Body Care threads: All body care threads belong in Natural Body Care. MDC is a Natural Family Living site, and therefore our focus is on natural solutions.
  3. Partner Issues: Threads related to relationships between partners should be placed in the appropriate Parenting forum. This includes threads of a positive nature, too!
  4. Illness threads: These threads belong in Health and Healing, regardless of whether it is an emergency or not. You can link your H&H thread in TAO, so that the discussion takes place in the appropriate forum.
  5. Consumption and/or discussion of any kind of food and drink: These threads go in the Nutrition & Good Eating forum.
  6. Sex: Posts that discuss parenting issues related to sex such as breastfeeding and sexuality, teaching sexuality to our children, intercourse after birth and other such parenting-related topics are appropriate as long as they are not graphic and are placed within the proper forum.Mothering has chosen to host discussions of a sexual nature that are related to Mothering’sparenting advocacy and philosophies. Mothering has made the clear and repeated decision to NOT host fun sex talk threads and threads filled with innuendo. Members who post in this manner are doing so inappropriately and will be alerted.
  7. Love Threads: We will no longer be hosting these because they often lead to hurt feelings and popularity contests which are not in the spirit of Mothering. We wish to avoid cliques and prefer to welcome all members into conversations.
  8. Post Count Boosting Threads: Due to issues we have been having with our server load and high traffic, we need to close or remove all threads that encourage mass posting. The suspension of mass posting threads includes all threads that are intended to boost post counts and those that are aimed at creating extremely high posting to a single thread. All such threads belong in the Games forum, depending on the thread topic/focus.
  9. Reviews of Companies or Products: These posts belong appropriate Review category.
  10. Economic Threads: Financial discussion belongs in Finances and Frugality.
  11. Children’s Gift, Clothes, Party Planning Threads: These should be placed in the appropriate Ages and Stages category.
  12. Blogging Questions: These belong in WAHM Well where both our Write at Home and Work at Home Moms chat.
  13. mp3 Players, Computers: Please place these in the Media Forum.

Thanks so much for your help to keep TAO "off topic"  We actively seek input as to how we can better serve your needs. Please feel free to email with any constructive criticism or concerns. We will be fine-tuning as we go along so thank you for your patience!

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