Tao Chat Threads Guidelines

TAO Chat Threads are now started by moderators to open up a little MDC Coffee Klatch where all of our members, new and old, can congregate and make friends.

We ask that you please read and review all of the following before posting –


All posts must adhere to TAO’s Guidelines, the User Agreement, Forum Updates (most often found in a forum’s sticky or in a repeatedly bumped Moderator or Administrator thread), and any Administrator/Moderator reminders within this thread. Per The UA: "As a member you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages and behavior." MDC Staff is not obligated to send you a warning before actions occur. However, we always do our best to post reminders on threads as a courtesy, in hopes of preventing MDC-access-altering Alerts. Please note that the requests contained within these reminders are not suggestions, they are requirements, and not adhering to them warrants an Alert.


A few extra notes that might be helpful —



  • Post on thread to point out possible violations of TAO’s Guidelines, The UA, Forum Updates, or Thread Reminders, no matter your intent. As stated in The UA, send the user a Private Message.
  • Refer in any way to moderation that has occurred in this or any other thread, or make unhappy comments regarding MDC changes or policies. Q&S is the only forum in which those statements can be made.
  • Post any form of sexual innuendo.



  • Welcome newbies.
  • Make friends: If you find members you enjoy chatting with and want to keep up, try subscribing to them to see what else they’ve been up to. Just hover over or click their username, and choose Subscribe to User. Then click Subscriptions at the top right to check out what it looks like or edit your preferences.
  • Try MDC’s other means of communication: Leave a note right on someone’s profile page or use the Private Message system.
  • Be sure to re-read all MDC Documents once in a while to keep yourself updated on changes.



Now go forth and chit, chat and be friendly!

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