Tea Collection Children’s Clothing Giveaway!


I love sharing cool new (to me) kids’ clothing companies that are really beautiful, unique, and hip. Especially when so many kids’ clothing options at big box stores are crappy, trashy, and banal. How do I really feel, right? Their kids’ clothes go from baby sizes up to size 12!

Tea Collection is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky A la Mama reader who enters the contest (by leaving a comment below). They also carry beautiful clothing for women, and so if you decide to procure some sweet threads for yourself, your secret is safe with me ; )

And now for the visuals…

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555 thoughts on “Tea Collection Children’s Clothing Giveaway!”

  1. Love, love love their clothes!! So cute, and affordable..just looking at their site this morning to surprise my daughter for her first day at school 🙂

  2. Wow, I am so excited about this giveaway! Tea Collection is my absolute favorite clothing, my daughter and I both love them.

  3. I LOVE their clothes! So cute and the clothing for the older girls isn’t too “cutesy” and not too mature. And those sets are amazing!
    .-= Liz Noonan´s last blog .. =-.

  4. I love these clothes! And I need this gift certificate! My girl just hit the 100th percentile in heighth…so we are going through clothing like crazy!

  5. Very cute! And I agree about big box store kids clothes sometimes being trashy. I can’t believe some of the sayings I see on shirts and how little difference there seems to be sometimes between toddler styles and teen styles. Kids should dress like kids! Hope I win!

  6. LOVE this brand! I’ve only ever gotten it from consignment sales–how fun would it be to get to choose from a selection?!

  7. I am a long time Tea fan and love to give it as a baby gift and buy for my little guy. Great patterns, style and quality clothes- you can’t beat it! I know our future kids will be able to wear these clothes because they are so durable and just get better with wear… it’s just a shame they grow out of them!

  8. I love Tea’s clothes. We have a dress by them I found at a clothing exchange which is our favorite for our 1 year old daughter. I would love to have this!

  9. Tea Collection’s quality is fabulous and their commitment to the Global Children’s Fund is commendable. I love supporting this brand!

  10. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Is it selfish to want to use the gift certificate for their new line of womens clothes????

  11. Beautiful, I would loooooove to win! My husband was just laid off and my kids are all outgrowing their clothes (of course! sigh…)

  12. What a cool give away! My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall and she would look adorable in tea! (If I do say so myself!!)

  13. These look SO like my daughter. She’s turning 3 on Sunday and some new preschool clothes would be perfect. How precious these are!

  14. We bought several Tea dresses as gifts last spring and one sundress for my little girl who was then 7 mths old or so. It is a beautiful piece and has proven very versatile as we wore it through the winter over a long sleeve top and leggings, and through this summer as a top.

    I love the folk art collection and some of the other dresses, any giveway gift certificate that came my way would definitely go towards her wardrobe not mine.

  15. Fabulous clothes. I especially love them for my son who is a slim little guy. The pants fit wonderfully. I was laid off last month and we could certainly use the gc!

  16. I could get something for each of my youngest 3 (of 6 DC!)and new back to school clothes are their fav- esp since hand me downs are never “new” enough!

  17. I LOVE the colors of this collection. My little Lily Katherine would look adorable in any of these dresses this fall.

  18. these fabrics and designs are so beautiful. i love the detailing on the girls’ styles. i would love to see my beautiful toddler in these : )

  19. Adorable clothes!! My 4yo daughter loves fun, unique dresses and this year it has been hard to find any she likes. She saw the flower dress and immediately wanted it 🙂

  20. I would love, love, love these for my kids to wear on those perfect fall days! (The few that they are out of their school uniforms..lol)

  21. We would love some clothes… my oldest is in 3rd this year and she just jumped to a size 10. That size range is scary… would love some cute clothes that are appropriate.

  22. My youngest daughter gets a lot of hand me downs since our clothing budget is tight. I would LOVE to get her some new clothes that she’ll enjoy wearing.

  23. SO adorable!! I would love to have the gc for my girls! We have 2 and another on the way!! Such cute clothing! Going to go check out the collection!

  24. Oh, how awesome! I just recently made a stand to not buy big box anymore and my son has outgrown all of his winter clothes! I am grateful for this giveaway!

  25. What awesome alternative clothing! Finally a kid can look like a kid again:) Thanks for having a contest like this. People now a days need some giveaway items I know we do. Let the best person win:)

  26. I have been a fan of Tea for years! I have dressed two boys and now a girl in this wonderful clothing. What a beautiful new collection.

  27. I really hope I win this one! I have three sons and it is so hard to find cute clothes for them that are well made!! These are adorable.

  28. Ooh! I love Tea for all three of my kids!! I would love to pick up some items from their new collection. Perfect for Fall!

  29. I just love Tea Collection! They make beautiful clothing, with modern sensibilities. And they are one of very few accessible lines that make plenty of unique styles for baby boys!!!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..MEAT! =-.

  30. Tea is one brand I grab no matter what at the consignment sales – I LOVE IT! I would love some more options for my 20-mo old boy and my new baby girl. Pick me!!!

  31. I looove there clothing line! Soooo original and pretty! I have 2 little dresses from Tea. Are they a sustainable or Fair trade company though?

  32. Super cute clothes! I’m always hunting for modest (but stylish) girls outfits for my little one. Hoping to win! 😉

  33. LOVE these! I have 2 girls and I’m so tired of the same old, low quality clothing! I’d love to start a fresh, unique wardrobe for them!(And the good news is, they both wear the same size!)

  34. I LOVE Tea Collection clothing. It’s hard to find toddler clothing that is inspirational in design and well-made. I love that Tea Collection features bright colors, fun patterns, and comfortable fabrics. I’ve been lucky to try a few things by getting my hands on some off season deals and I’ve LOVED everything that we’ve bought. I’d love to be able to outfit my little man in such stylish clothing this fall!

  35. Here’s my entry to try to win! I’m so excited – LOVE this line!!! I have 5 kids, and clothes are so expensive, and the darn kids just KEEP GROWING!! ;o)

  36. Oh wow, I have never seen your clothes before, but they are adorable! I love how they are so stylish and a bit vintage looking. When you look at the clothes readily available in chain stores-and see how they are so revealing, it makes me appreciate even more your clothes and how age appropriate they are.

    Good job!

  37. Cute boy clothes are usually hard to find, everything is characters that we don’t let our kids watch. Those shirts are very nice. Thank you for making something I would put my kids in.

  38. I love Tea clothing! I was given an outfit for my daughter from a friend and am hooked! I recently had a son so now have double the shopping fun…

  39. I just discovered this company too, and I’m in love! I have 3 girls and it is so nice to see girls clothes that are pretty without being pink. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. love them! it really is hard to find girls clothing that aren’t either way too mature or plastered with crappy advertising.

  41. I’m so glad you posted this! I’m always on the lookout for fabulous clothing for my preschooler. She is all about wearing dresses or long skirts with pants, too. She has seen these pics and LOVES them.

  42. What a great giveaway! I *love* Tea collection SO much! Such great quality childrens clothes! I hope I win it! *fingers crossed* 🙂

  43. I just bought my daughter a couple outfits from a local resale store here in Portland and am in LOVE with the way they fit her and the style! A beautiful clothing line indeed.

  44. I have always loved and wanted something from Tea – the styles are so nice and quality is great. Thanks for the tip that they have mommy items too!

  45. These are too cute! I love who they are original and as some previous posters have said are not a walking advertisement for some huge store!

  46. What wonderful clothes! I’m going back to work and will have less time to hand-make everything for my daughter . . .

  47. I have seen their pieces before in baby magazines and always thought they were beautiful! I didn’t know they designed for bigger kids and mamas, too. <3

  48. I have never heard of tea. But I have to admit this countryside chic clothing is so perfect. Does anyone own any clothing from them? I’d love to hear some reviews. Their pajamas look well made as well.

  49. I’ve been eyeing matching outfits for my 3 girls for holiday photos this year! I look at the catalog at least once a day – would love to be able to order exactly what I want!!

  50. Love these clothes. They look swell and don’t show much wash and wear … even under typical abuse by toddler. Thanks for the chance!

  51. I have loved tea collection since my daughter was born. It is the staple if her wardrobe from the fancy cotton dresses to the daily tea in kimono liked styles with matching leggings. She looks so sweet and beautiful in there clothes. I often give it s a gift. Something different than the standard carters!

  52. It is so lovely to see clean cut childrens clothes in such beautiful fabrics. These are really sweet. Thank you Tea Collection.

  53. I’m always looking for cute clothes that aren’t covered with silk screened logos and pictures. Love these! And my 4-daughter clothing budget really could use a win!

  54. We Love taking pictures in fall and this clothes are just … Perfect!

    I can see Luciana and Mateo wearing your designs!

  55. was drooling over the catalog this morn!
    i especially LOVE the one-peices for my baby girl!
    thanks for the chance to be able to sport these fashions! : )

  56. Omg they are so freaking cute! I love those fall/winter collection. Because we live in FL, we haven’t bought any long sleeved shirts or long pants. They would look adorable on my baby girl.

  57. I LOVE these clothes! I was just looking at the collections online last night! My kids would love these clothes!

  58. Finally clothes for my 5 year old twins that I can get on board with! Simple and beautiful and oh so child-like! Rather than the teen clothes in child sizes, these are actually children’s clothes!! Love them 🙂

  59. These are exactly the kind of style that I love for kids (and myself 🙂 )

    I will definitely check out the catalog and do some ordering!

  60. These clothes are SO CUTE….I was just told about the site and looked and I have found the store online and will be coming back to buy some dresses!

  61. OH HOW I LOVE TEA! The quality, prints and cuts are hard to beat!

    Glad they are making clothes for Mama’s now…

    I’m in trouble!

  62. Wow-it is so hard to find simple, beautiful clothes, but these really look like they fit the bill. Thanks for sharing!

  63. This would help out so much in our house! My babies are growing by leaps and bounds. And, it’s usually so expensive to find nice quality clothes…especially for little boys! I’m not finding any cute baby boy clothes anywhere!

  64. These are such sweet clothes! You do not see clothing for children like this very often, truly appropriate and lovely!

  65. love all the styles and the fact that they’re of such a high quality. good luck to everyone (although i hope i win!!)

  66. beautiful AND durable! (my four year old and I adore these clothes – when a box came for him last year, he exclaimed, ‘ I didn’t know they were so CUTE!’)

  67. Was fortunate to receive a Tea outfit when my son was born. It is fabulous. Now that he is heading off to school, I’d love to send him in their great style.

  68. It is difficult to find logo-free, non-cartoon, etc… children clothing, especially for boys!

    These clothes are beautiful…Thanks!

  69. New to motherhood, I was not familiar with Tea and just recently received your catalog with your “Old World Hungary” collection. Now this, caught my eye and the fact your company supports the Global Fund for Children…well done! I would be proud to try these clothes.

  70. Wow what beautiful clothing….as a mom who shops regularly at thrift stores for my three it would totally be a treat to spoil them with some new gorgeous threads. Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. I absolutely love Tea Clothing and I think it’s wonderful that they came out with a line for woman as well. Granted it is a bit above my price range but it would be worth saving for.

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