Teatulia Giveaway: Delicious, Fair Trade Teas!

Good morning, mamas.

Teatulia is offering two wonderful prize packs to you tea drinkers out there–and I happen to be one, so high five. (I also like to drink coffee–I love hot beverages, especially in the fall). One prize pack has teas with caffeine; the other is made up of herbal infusions.

I’ve been drinking Teatulia for a year now; I love their tea’s clean, delicious flavors. I also love their packaging: wonderful, green, reusable eco canisters.

1. For the caffeinated mamas:

a 3-canister pack of Teatulia’s “Classics”: Black tea, Bengal Breakfast tea, and Earl of Bengal tea.

2. For the herbal mamas:

a 2-canister pack of Lemongrass herbal infusion and Ginger herbal infusion.

Here’s how you enter to win:

1. Click here to sign up for their newsletter, and get 20% off any order you’d like to place. The newsletter sign-up box is at the bottom right corner of the homepage. It’s not a fussy procedure–you just pop in your email address and that’s it.

2. Then, leave a comment below letting me know that you signed up. And tell me whether you’d like prize pack 1 (caffeinated tea) or prize pack 2 (herbal).

3. For another chance to win, click here to “like” them on facebook and let me know that you did so in a second comment below.

You can also follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/teatulia.

Good luck and happy sippings.

More about Teatulia:

Teatulia has implemented “natural farming” practices that result in a “closed loop” eco and social system. No pesticides, machinery or unnatural irrigation are used in the cultivation. Consequently, ten years since its inception, their “virgin” garden, developed on fallow land, is now a thriving ecosystem teeming with once endangered flora and fauna.


Teatulia’s teas and herbal infusions come directly from the first USDA-Certified Organic garden in Bangladesh. There are no middlemen. No long term warehousing. They do not wait around to be bulk-blended by a third party trader. It’s directly from their garden to you.


The Teatulia Cooperative creates sustainable prosperity for Bangladeshi women, men and children through education, entrepreneurship, health and cattle-lending programs.

Specific examples of Teatulia’s social programs include:

• Poverty alleviation through cattle rearing

• Health and hygiene programs

• Farm sharing

• Adult literary education

• Distribution of herbal and medicinal plants

• Recreation for the youth

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