Teethers and Rattles: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012


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Plush Hammer Rattle


Why We Love It: What a great rattle!! Both my babies like to hit things with their rattles, and this just insures that the cat doesn’t get bonked with something hard! It is a great shape for waving and “hammering” and the rattle is nice and loud. The shape also gives the baby interesting bits to chew on, which is a big pastime right now. The fabrics are very colorful and seem very durable. The rattle itself is well padded. We really like the different print options.


Price: $9.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs


ASL I Love You Teether


Why We Love It: If you are using ASL based baby sign language this teether is a fun way to reinforce that. The width of the toy, as well as the fingers sticking up, offer perfect chewing surfaces. The wood is non-splintering and naturally antibacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. The maker uses FSC certified hardwoods and plants a tree for every toy sold. Made in WI, USA.


Price: $12.00


Where to Buy: Little Sapling Toys






Rattle Fish with Colored Disks


Why We Love It: Beautiful baby rattle shaped like a fish. Colorful wooden discs set on an internal post make a gentle rattling sound when shaken. Made in Germany by Grimm’s, Spiel und Holz, a favorite toymaker for Waldorf schools. Non-toxic finish.


Price: $17.70


Where to Buy: The Wooden Wagon



Wilbert the Worm Rolling Toy


Why We Love It: Constructed from midwestern hardwoods and mildly coated with natural beeswax in Illinois this toy is just right for rolling about. It can also be used as a teether. 


Price: $15.99


Where to Buy: Peapods





Snuggle Baby & Super Snuggle Baby


Why We Love It: As soon as my 3 month old saw this doll she grinned and stared at it for a long time. The simple features are very recognizable to her and the soft, simple construction means she can grab it and not risk anything coming off or hitting herself with a hard piece. The fabrics are great quality and very cute. Even my 6 year old thought they were cute. We like that they cam in both a simple print and the Super Snuggle Baby who has a cape and mask.


Price: $18.00 and $21.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs



Under the Nile Handkerchief Doll


Why We Love It: The handpicked, organic Egyptian cotton that Under the Nile uses for its soft toys makes them irresistible and so safe for baby. I love the Handkerchief Doll with its formed head and loose cloth body: a perfect first toy for baby. Under the Nile toys are impossible to put down. They are uniquely designed, imaginative and safe for baby.


Price: $8.00


Where to Buy: Under the Nile