Texas Style Jack O’Lantern

Jack O'LanternIn Texas it’s hard to keep a jack o’ lantern looking fresh for very long. About an hour after carving, the flies arrive and the heat starts to melt the pumpkin into a slump. Within a couple of days it’s caving in on itself in a sort of gelatinous lump. Which is really scary, true. But gross.


And it dawned on me – the pumpkin isn’t exactly a southern crop.


In the name of keeping it local, and celebrating the harvests of our region, AND keeping the flies away, I came up with this little creation; the Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit Jack O’Lantern. It is quick and easy and really quite beautiful. And lasts on our counter a whole lot longer than a pumpkin ever would!


Lo and behold our Ruby-Red-fresh-from-the-Rio-Grande-Valley-grapefruit-jack-o-lanterns.


Step 1:


Cut off the top of the grapefruit, in a similar manner to cutting off the top of a pumpkin.


Step 2:


Run a sharp paring knife along the inside of the grapefruit between the fruit and the rind. Go along the sides and the bottom too.


Step 3:


With a spoon, scoop out the insides as best you can. Put it in a bowl for your eating pleasure.


Step 4:


Put a small votive in and light or do steps 5-7 to make a small oil lamp


Step 5:


Using the tab from a soda can, tie a piece of wick around the middle of the tab leaving about a half inch of wick sticking up from the top.


Step 6:


Place the tab, wick up, in the bottom center of the grapefruit.


Step 7:


Pour in about an inch or so of vegetable oil or any other kind of cooking oil you might have handy.


Step 8:


Light and enjoy the show!




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Bernadette Noll

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I am a mother of four, partner of one, author, crafter, lover of thrift stores and outdoors and co-founder of Slow Family Living and Future Craft Collective. My book Make Stuff Together was published in Spring 2011 by Wiley Publishing. My next book: Slow Family Living; 75 ways to slow down, connect and create more joy will be out in March, 2013 from Perigee Publishing. Read more at Slowfamilyliving.com


2 thoughts on “Texas Style Jack O’Lantern”

  1. Has got to smell better than pumpkin, too! I’ve read that pumpkin carving was predated by turnip jack-o-lanterns in Europe. Turnips seem a bit small, but grapefruit are gigantic some of them.

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