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As most of you know, I have been putting most of my energy of late into the Ultimate Parenting Course. I interviewed several experts in the field and have been spending hours editing the footage, brought to tears as I listen to the deeply meaningful, poignant truths and insights of parenting.

There is a feature article about how the course came to be: click HERE to read.

Below is more details about the course and how it is at once a lifeline and a blueprint for conscious, connected parenting. The course is for sale but there is a FREE VIDEO with 14 minutes of in-depth answers and quick solutions that is helpful in and of itself.

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Introducing, the ULTIMATE PARENTING COURSE, a transformational online home study program: ESSENTIAL PARENTING SKILLS TO LAST A LIFETIME!!

The best of today’s parenting experts have come together in one program in the Ultimate Parenting Course. In video and audio interviews and written contributions, they draw upon the latest research in emotional intelligence, brain science and attachment theory. The result is 8 videos with multiple experts answering parents’ pertinent questions, plus a Handbook with bullet points from the videos, action exercises for integrating the material, and bonus videos with more groundbreaking information! This course is at once a life-line and a blue-print for parents everywhere.

There are 8 themes in the Ultimate Parenting Course: Parent Identity, Sleep, Feeding Your Child, Attachment, Individuation, Conflict Resolution, Co-parenting (under one roof or two), and Community. For each theme there is a video (about 30 minutes) compilation of interviews with best-selling authors, PhDs, MDs, psychotherapists, educators, and scientists committed to promoting informed, connected, effective parenting resulting in healthy, happy, and successful children. The interviews are supplemented with the Ultimate Parenting Course Handbook, which includes interview highlights, action exercises and written contributions from additional experts.

The experts are: Dr. Christine Carter, PhD (Raising Happiness); Kim John Payne, M.Ed (Simplicity Parenting); Betsy Brown Braun, MA (Just Tell Me What to Say); Elizabeth Pantley (No-Cry Sleep Solution); Catherine McCord (Creator of Weelicious); Dr. Jay Gordon, MD; FAAP, IBCLC; Dr. Laura Markham, PhD (Creator of Aha! Parenting); Dr. Linda Folden Palmer, DC (The Baby Bond); Dr. Jennifer Karon Flores DNM; Nathalie Kunin, M.Ed (Team Tutors); Sheryl Paul, MA (Conscious-Transitions); Catherine DeMonte, MA, LMFT; Carrie Dinow, MA, LMFT; Victoria Melgard, MA; Hala Khouri, MA; Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed (Discover the Gift); Veronika Sophia Robinson (The Mother Magazine); Bill Stierle; Jessica Williams (creator of Ultimate Parenting Course). There are also bonus videos with Elder Robert John Knapp, Dona Cici, and Actress/Mother Carrie-Anne Moss.

•   Learn how to respond with empathy, navigate big changes, and augment your child’s emotional literacy

•   Simplify your family life, create a strong family rhythm, and commit to your unique family’s core values

•   Create an intentional parent identity, balance in parenting, and effective communication in co-parenting

•   Nurture educational readiness, understand your child’s natural learning style, and create habits for academic success

•   Get inspired in the kitchen, manage food sensitivities, & set your child up for a lifetime of health

Understand the physiology of sleep, triumph over night fears, and gain the tools you need for successful naps and nighttime

The course is available immediately on-line at Visit today for a FREE QUICK GUIDE VIDEO with 14 minutes of exclusive interviews giving you tangible tools and a context for guiding your children for optimum growth and development; emotionally, socially, mentally and physically.



Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

About Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams created L.O.V.E. Parenting with a series of techniques for effective communication, deepened connection and more joy in parenting and life. Jessica is also the creator of with the best of today’s progressive parenting experts together in one program. Jessica is a featured expert internationally on both’s Ask An Expert and the upcoming Jessica is a regular contributor to Mothering Magazine’s All Things Mothering, LA Parent Magazine, LA Mom Magazine & DailyBuzzMoms. She has been interviewed on television and radio and taught workshops at family wellness centers, schools and doctor’s offices. Her BirthKit has helped women have a transformational & empowering birth. Jessica maintains a private coaching practice in her native Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and their three children. “Truly amazing woman. I love her advice.”—Carrie-Anne Moss. “All you have shared has helped tremendously.”—Lisa Bonet. “I am experiencing nothing short of a miracle thanks to your laser beam approach.” –Andrea Bendewald.

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