The ABCs of the ABC Expo

This is not exhaustive, because I’m exhausted. But.

Some highlights of the ABC Expo (a trade show for babies and kids’ stuff–basically, where childrens’ retailers go to find a lot of their stock) were:

Belly Armor is a line of blankets, shirts and belly bands that blocks your tummy against the radiation that comes from laptops and cell phones. The rep wrapped my cell phone in the silver fabric and I saw the signal disappear, which showed its power to block the waves. I want one now and I’m not even pregnant–but I do spend a heck of a lot of time on my laptop.
small_Cosmo - Chair

We’re going to be running an article in Mothering in March/April which will examine the health risks of cell phone and laptop radiation, so the product line caught my attention.

Actress, writer and director Melanie Mayron (if you’re a Thirtysomething fan like me, you’ll know her as the Melissa Steadman character) has created a line of natural personal care products with her dad called Mayron’s Goods. We’re going to do a giveaway of her Road Pack.

“The entire line of BABY GOODS in 2 oz. sizes so you can lighten your load and even take it on the plane!” It includes the Gentle All Over Head and Body Wash, Hydrating Body Milk, Tangerine Massage and Body Oil, Chapstuff, which protects cheeks and lips, and their Barrier and Diaper Cream. Stay tuned for that giveaway : )

My Funky Little Monkey is a mom-and-pop brand “made domestically with love using both new and recycled materials–a little funky, a little retro and the quality is guaranteed.” They make adorable appliqued baby hats out of recycled clothing.

Turtle Monkey Bug is a very groovy brand of eco-friendly handmade toys made by a great couple, Heather and Brandon. Their items share a kind of comfortingly tweaked Americana aesthetic. They have stick ponies, felt moustaches, handmade dolls and more.

I had a great time, but it’s so good to be home. I know I must be getting old because although I was in Vegas, I didn’t do anything glitzed-out. Nor did I gamble : ) I stayed with my friend Kathy and completely enjoyed her two little boys, who are 5 and 2. My youngest is 6…I miss that sweet toddler age!

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