The Baby is 11 Months Old Today, or, How I’ve Learned to Let my Baby eat Poop


Baby Leone, who is 11 months old today, with James

Baby Leone, who is 11 months old today, with James

Last Friday’s post about Jen Starks, the 29-year-old breastfeeding mom who was ushered off an airplane by armed Memphis police officers, has generated a lot of discussion. Thank you to everyone who has weighed in.

Baby Leone is eleven months old today. So instead of bare breasts and child safety, we’re talking milestones and cognitive development.

Even though I have three older children, all of whom learned to crawl, walk, and talk on a unique timetable, I still worry about this baby’s development.

I ask James “Is it normal that the baby is doing X? Is it normal that the baby isn’t doing Y?” about fifteen times a day.

As annoying as I am to my husband, I was a much bigger worrier and much more neurotic as a first-time mom.

We were the parents who took our infant to the emergency room for crying.

The difference is that the first time around James was right there with me, freaking out as much as I was. Now James is much more Zen about parenting.

I do have my moments of Zen.

Like the other day when Leone and I were outside in the front yard. I was talking on the phone to my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher who’s a good friend and an expert on All Things Education in Ashland. Leone was crawling around, pulling herself up on me, and generally being happy. Then I noticed she was drooling like a leaky faucet.

There was something in her mouth that she wasn’t swallowing.

It was dessicated deer poop, which must have looked like a chocolate chip when she popped it in her mouth.

“Michele, hold on a sec. The baby’s got deer poop in her mouth.”

“That’s disgusting,” Michele said (her youngest is a freshman in college). “That’s really disgusting.”

I fished out the nugget. We kept talking.

If my firstborn had eaten deer poop, I would have spent the rest of the night on the phone with poison control or in the ER.

Take that Jennifer’s neuroses! I vanquish you! I beat you back!

And Leone?

She didn’t even have a stomach ache.

My friend Eve’s firstborn once toddled over to her with a dead cockroach in his mouth. I once discovered one of my children in the act of smearing the contents of a diaper over self and furniture like finger paint. Has your baby ever eaten anything really gross or done anything truly disgusting? Please share your stories in the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “The Baby is 11 Months Old Today, or, How I’ve Learned to Let my Baby eat Poop”

  1. I thought she had a rock in her mouth, but no. Darling Sadie had managed to find a STINK BUG and chew it. If you’re familiar, your stomach just turned as mine did when I fished it out.

  2. As my beloved mother (the crunchiest of the crunchy nature mamas) would say, “It’s organic; it can’t be that bad for you.”

  3. My third child once put the top of an herbicide bottle in her mouth in a store. No idea if she ingested, but we headed for the hospital and had her stomach pumped at the insistence of the folks there.

    But, no major catastrophes like the one my mom used to recount about me. Apparently I tried to swallow a nickel. She turned me upside down and shook. It came out. At least that’s what she claimed. I always wondered about that story …
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..How Mushrooms Could Help the Local Economy =-.

  4. I just caught my 9 mo old with the toilet scrubber! So gross! I was busy filling the tub. It is amazing how quickly they can get into trouble.

  5. Well, we didn’t see whatever it was when it went in… Our son was nearly 2 and his daddy was changing his diaper when he yelled/asked me to come into the bedroom to “take a look at something.”

    “Something” was a diaper with pee and a 5″ worm. Seriously. Totally freaked us out and we were in the middle of nowhere, with internet access. Not a good combo. He was fine.

    Google it. I dare you.

  6. Elie (almost 3) STILL tries to eat cat treats off of the kitchen floor (much to our three cats’ chagrin). On the bright side, her coat has never been shinier and her hairball issue cleared right up…


  7. I was thinking along the lines of Roxanne’s answer. My friend Edie even did a blog post about dog’s eating poop and why owners should relax about it. But you get an award for being calm about your baby!

    And 11 months have gone by! Goodness!
    .-= Vera Marie Badertscher´s last blog ..Thinking of holidays and travel gifts =-.

  8. This is so funny–mostly about the difference in parenting child #1 vs #4. I’m guessing that deer poop is less toxic or germy than human poop, and god knows there have been babies who’ve gotten into their own diapers on occasion.

    I almost took my baby to the ER for crying, too. And I almost did it at the urging of my pediatrician. It ended up that she was crying because of my hair spray–something I never wore but, for some odd reason, felt compelled to wear that particular evening. I never used it again. At any rate, the point is that you were not neurotic (or abnormal… maybe we are both neurotic. Who knows really).
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..How to solve trust issues =-.

  9. Okay, I was going to share a couple of disgusting ingestion stories of my own (which were not that funny at the time but certainly are now) but I’ll save you all the horror. What this post made me think about most was 1) how much more relaxed we become as seasoned mothers, and 2)that our children today are protected far too much from the germs required to build strong and healthy immune systems. Common sense still must reign, but the rampant anti-bacterial fervor is going to backfire on us. So, I say, let them eat dirt… or poop (Okay, only when my back is turned for one second).

  10. Now I think I’ve heard it all…deer poop of all things. This will make a great story for you to tell Leone when she gets older! And she’s so very cute and grown-up looking.

  11. I remember taking my first born to Totland, a lovely little park in Berkeley. I noticed him enjoying something in his mouth, and realized that he was eating the tobacco from a half smoked cigarette. I was horrified. Your story also reminds me of a boy in my kindergarten class who used to pick his nose and eat it. We would all watch him fascinated. Amazing how resilient we humans are!

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