The Baby is Eight Months Old

Hesperus and her friend Gabby gearing up to do back handsprings in the July 4th parade

Hesperus and her friend Gabby gearing to do back handsprings in the July 4th parade

My dad always says that “a day that you exercise in the morning is a day that you exercise.”

So when the baby, who slept badly last night because she had a fever, woke up at six a.m. I decided to take her running.

I look like I’m walking in slow motion when I’m running. I’m so slow that overweight men on benches laugh at me and say, “Can you turn up the speed volume?” when I “run” by.

But, true to my motto that anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed, Leone and I were out pounding the pavement at 6:30 this morning.

After limping along for half an hour, we turned right on Pennsylvania and headed back towards the house. My neighbor was shaking a shoe at a doe and her fawn in his yard. (We have a lot of deer around here. Think nuisance. Think oversized rodents. Think last year the renters left the gate open and the deer decimated our entire vegetable garden.)

“You need to throw the shoe to make them go away,” I suggested.

“I do that sometimes,” he said, tying his laces.

“Going running?”

“Slow running. We used to run. Now we walk. We’ve been doing this together for 22 years.” Keith gestured towards his friend, who lives down the street, who was walking up the hill towards us.

“I met you when you were working on your yard a little while ago, but I don’t remember your name.”

“Jim,” the neighbor laughed. “That wasn’t a little while ago. Let’s see … I did that project in 2005.”

How old am I that five years ago counts as recently and seems like yesterday? Though sometimes a day (or a night with a feverish baby) can seem agonizingly long, the time is flying by.

Leone turned eight months old on July 4th. As Hesperus and I walked to the parade, Hesperus stopped and kissed the baby.

“Happy eight months birthday Baby,” she murmured.

Happy Birthday Baby Leone. Now quit growing up so fast.


The baby 8 months ago, just seconds after she was born

The baby 8 months ago, just seconds after she was born

The baby now, 8 months old

The baby now, 8 months old

Etani (6.5) and Leone (8 months) playing the piano this morning

Etani (6.5) and Leone (8 months) playing the piano this morning

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10 thoughts on “The Baby is Eight Months Old”

  1. Sweet post. Leone looks so big next to Etani playing the piano! Babies do indeed grow too fast. Our six month old is crawling already!

  2. My baby turns 1 on Friday! I can’t believe it. Seems like yesterday that she was tiny. They grow fast.

  3. She’s such a cutie and hurray for Hesperus for being in the parade! At least you attempt to run. I just walk. It’s the only speed I can do.

  4. Thanks for these kind comments. NEXT week Etani is going to art invention camp, Alexandra. Today he had a friend come over for the afternoon, and tomorrow my MIL will be visiting for six days. She has promised to keep him busy!
    .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..My Friend Alisa

  5. Thanks, Jenny. What a great visit we had with you! The drive was much easier than we expected, so we look forward to more visits. Your children are BEAUTIFUL!! Much love to all of you from Aunt Laurie and me.

  6. Time does seem to fly by – which is particularly annoying to me when I don’t appreciate what was when it was. Love the pictures!

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