The Baby is Finally Crawling

I appreciate all the encouraging comments about my idea to take my daughters on a bike trip along the Canal du Midi.

I’m still looking for affordable tickets and thinking about when—and whether—to take the trip.

I spent more than an hour on the phone with an airline company but then their computers froze and I couldn’t purchase the tickets.

A sign we shouldn’t go?

The same day my friend Carla, who used to bike tour all the time, said she had panniers we could borrow.

A sign we should go?

Whatever we decide, I promise to keep you updated.

In the meantime, there are new developments closer to home.

Baby Leone is nine and a half months old and she’s finally started to crawl.

Her oldest sister learned to crawl when she was six months old.

I have a friend whose firstborn did nothing for an entire year. He sat and stared at the world, nursed, and slept. She was out of her mind with worry that something was wrong with him.

Nothing was wrong with him.

Every baby, just like every person, develops on his or her own time.

It’s time, apparently, for Leoneykins to crawl.

She juts out her left leg, keeps her right leg bent like a crab’s, and manages to move herself wherever she wants to go on her two hands, one reaching leg, and one cocked leg.

We’ve all been waiting for her to crawl and she has five eager faces smiling at her and clapping for her as she crosses the wide expanse of the kitchen.

But—like with every milestone with this baby—I have mixed feelings. I’m nostalgic for when she was more blob-like.

“I don’t want Leone to turn one,” Athena lamented this morning. “I want her to stay small and be a baby!”

Do you ever have mixed feelings about your children getting older or mastering a new task? Do you remember when your children started to crawl? What changed in your family when your children found their mobility?

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11 thoughts on “The Baby is Finally Crawling”

  1. My son crawled at 6 months and walked at 8, in France, where everyone but our marvelous pediatrician was telling me that was “beaucoup trop tot.” My daughter, two years younger, did not crawl until 8 months. She would position herself under dining room chairs and sit still so her brother would not knock her down, because he was running by then. Yes, it is fascinating how each child is an individual and develops at a different rate.
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..Where Tradition &amp Organic Choice Meet =-.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I was reading a post on My Kids Eat Squid (one of my favorite blogs) and I saw a comment from you, so clicked to find out if you were my cab buddy in NYC and sure enough…! Anyway, I hope to see and read you more and more around the web!

  3. That’s so cool that Leone is starting to crawl (even if it does mean she’s leaving her infancy in the rear-view mirror)!

    I remember how thrilling it was when our two oldest girls, Anna and Sadie, started walking (they both were pretty early — around 9 months), and how it quickly turned to exhaustion: “Okay, guys, you can SIT DOWN now!”

    By the time our son, Sam, walked (at the comparatively ripe old age of 1 year), we said, “Grab the camera! This is going to be awesome for the first five minutes!”

    And when Elie (baby #4) didn’t walk until 20+ months old because of her serious health issues? Well, not only were we *not* freaked out that it was taking so long, we were leading the cheering section for her to stay floor-bound JUST A LITTLE LONGER.

    There’s an example of parenting at its most exhausted!


  4. I can totally relate, Annabella is about to start walking, everybody is so excited for it and tells me that it will be ‘any-day’ now. I’m in no rush, She turns one on September first and I wish I could make the days go by slower!
    .-= Mallory´s last blog ..Were Back! And its our 100th Post =-.

  5. I rather like the stage when they are sitting, but not yet mobile. Such a sweet stage! You are lucky you were able to experience it for so long – it seems as soon as my baby learned to sit, she learned to crawl.

    I do understand the nostalgia terribly well – as well as the wonderful feeling of seeing an entire family cheer the littlest one on. It’s one of life’s most heartwarming moments, I think!
    .-= Christine@OrigamiMommy´s last blog ..Gather- pleat- smock- and sew =-.

  6. My 3 all did walking and crawling milestones at diff ages. My middle son max being the youngest walking at 8 months. I never liked crawling but I’ve always liked walking. I love the look on their face when they first start.

    It’s hard to see them get mobile sometimes but I was definitely tired of carrying them everywhere…especially my boys who were very big.

    Milestones I could do without are the ones where they tell you they don’t love you or they are running away or they wish their brother didn’t share a room with them. The innocence gone is what I find tough

  7. My niece nearly went straight from nothing to walking, and when I mentioned that to my doctor, she flipped out and told me that we needed to get her toys that would encourage crawling because crawling has something to do with brain development that relates to math skills later in life.

    I was like … hmmm, I wonder if that’s true.

  8. I can still see in my mind that moment when my daughter first crawled. I was at a nursing support group and there was a Lego in the middle of the room that she had her eye on. She did this slithering thing–much like a snake–to get to it. It was so amazing, and it was great to share the moment with all the other moms whose babies were all about the same age.

    I feel bitter sweet about the size of her body. Like when I pick her up and realize that the day will come soon that I won’t be able to do that anymore. Those are hard moments. But I’m always amazed when she masters something new.
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..No- Honey- We Don

  9. My kids weren’t much for crawling–they went straight to walking. All of mine were walking (running, really) before a year old. And I tell you, I wish they had crawled longer. Once they’re truly mobile, it’s much harder to keep them happy and occupied.

    A music teacher in college mentioned that there were studies somewhere that said if you didn’t spend much time crawling then you wouldn’t have an rhythm–if that’s true (and who knows about the validity of any study these days) apparently I wasn’t a crawler either:)
    .-= MyKidsEatSquid´s last blog ..Giveaway

  10. My god-daughter never crawled at all. But just when her mom was getting anxious, she stood up and walked. Not a hesitating walk, either. She stood and walked across the room like she’d been doing it for years.
    .-= Lisa Mann´s last blog ..30 off Gap for a Cause =-.

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