The Baby is Thirteen Months Old

There was a little girl, who had a little curl...

There was a little girl, who had a little curl…

James was carrying the baby yesterday and her legs looked so long.

She sits on my lap at the table, or in her high chair, and shovels brown rice and grated carrot and bits of potato pancake (stopping to poke a finger in the sour cream and smear it on her tray) into her mouth.

“Nursing’s just for snacks,” Athena says. “Now she eats real food.”

What happened to our tiny newborn? She’s morphed into a walking almost-talking toddler.

I don't know what you think is important in life but for me, at 13 months old, it's all about communication

I don’t know what you think is important in life but for me, at 13 months old, it’s all about communication

We have a small green statue of the Buddha on our dashboard. James, who likes to pimp out the car in Buddhaware, rubs its pudgy belly for good luck.

This weekend Leone sat on my lap during the state gymnastics meet watching her 11-year-old sister compete. Right before it was Hesperus turn on each event, I rubbed Leone’s belly for good luck.

But. Sitting. Is. So. Distasteful. When there are so many messes to be made, dangers to encounter, and pennies, Legos, and bits of carpet fuzz to put in one’s mouth, why would anyone want to stay still?!

Leone starting walking earlier than her siblings, right before her first birthday. She clomps unevenly around the house, one shoulder up by her ear for balance, arms out. She walks so awkwardly that each foot falls with a thump.

She’s taken 93 steps in a row. Athena counted.

Thirteen favorite activities of a thirteen-month-old:

1. Push the button on the dryer. It goes on!

2. Push the button on the dryer. It goes off!

3. Push the button on the dryer. It goes on!

4. Push the button on the dryer. It goes off!

5. Bother big brother. (”Baby, ouch. Don’t sit on my head!”)

6. Bother big brother’s toys. (”Noooo, Baby! GET AWAY FROM THERE!!)

7. Hold phone up to ear and say, “Hi!” Hold truck up to ear and say, “Hi!” Hold match stick up to ear and say, “Hi!”

8. Try to pull those pesky clear things out of the wall sockets. “Uh, uh, uh.” Almost got it.

9. Find one of those clear things on the ground. Clomp hurriedly to wall socket. Try to put it in the wall socket because that’s where it goes. Why doesn’t it fit?

10. Say “Hi!” to friendly strangers. Hide head if stranger says “Hi!” back.

11. Push the button on the dryer. It goes on!

12. Push the button on the dryer. It goes off!

13. Push the button on the dry–

Wait, wait, don’t pick me up! Waaahh. Can’t you see I’m busy here? Uh. Uh. Uh. I just need to reach that button one more time…

Athena and Etani have nothing to do with this post but I love this photograph

Athena and Etani have nothing to do with this post but I love this photograph

Do you have a toddler? What are some of your baby’s favorite ways of walking into trouble? (and if you’re wondering if you’re crazy because your toddler’s driving you crazy, you can read real-life stories by other parents who have survived the toddler terrain in the book I edited, “Toddler: Real-Life Stories of Those Fickle, Irrational, Urgent, Tiny People We Love” (Seal Press.)

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19 thoughts on “The Baby is Thirteen Months Old”

  1. Oh, I love that stage, although it is SO difficult when you’re living it. She’s quite a cutie. I love watching them learn language.

  2. I can’t believe Leone is so BIG!

    Clara’s nearly 21 months old now and her favorite thing in the world is to put her doll baby in a box and cover it (the ENTIRE box) with a HUGE afghan she keeps dragging from room to room even though I’d prefer it stayed on the bed. Then she uncovers it, takes the baby out and does a rocking-back-and-forth hug. Then she puts the baby back in the box and covers it again. Then she drags the blanket to another room, brings the baby and box into that room, and repeats, repeats, repeats.

    It’s awfully cute to watch, but toddlers are so exhausting, aren’t they!

  3. There’s a little popup book called “Trouble Puppy!” that has a puppy causing all sorts of problems in the house. Think you should do one about a baby called “Oh, Baby!”
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..Marriage Books You

  4. I loved the cartoon of a baby crawling around putting fuzz in its mouth. Saying “Ugh!” Then putting dried up carrot from under the couch in its mouth and saying “Ugh!” Then putting dog hair in its mouth and saying “Ugh!” Then the thought balloon says, “Boy, will I be glad when I get through this stage!”
    .-= Vera Marie Badertscher´s last blog ..Western Road Trip- Wyoming =-.

  5. We’re in the same stages now, and #7 and #10 cracked me up because they are about half of every day. As I was reading this, she was putting they key fab up to her ear and saying “Hi!” She also greets our cat and dog every time they walk into the room, and each of her stuffed animals every time we walk into the room. But as soon as someone says hi back, she hides. So much for her working as the greeter at the local grocery store…
    .-= Em´s last blog ..Seattle Recap =-.

  6. Those photographs are adorable!

    And your thirteen month old sounds so much like mine. I think her favorite activity is to take things out of drawers and off of shelves. Magic! And to fetch her shoes and socks. I love this stage (though it is impossible to get anything done!).
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..The last first birthday =-.

  7. Thanks for reminding me about this ultra-cute stage. Whenever that commercial comes on with the baby tooling down the road with “I’ve got a pair of brand new roller skates” playing in the background, everyone in the house stops whatever they’re doing and watches. My two are teenagers now, and it seems like a hundred years ago when they were that young!
    .-= Jane Boursaw´s last blog ..Dear Blue Valentine People- Just Change the Scene =-.

  8. I was just at the store and one of the moms was doing something that her little son loved—pushing him in the cart in little bursts and it made him giggle, giggle, giggle. He kept yelling out: “Again! Again! Again!” I take this as the equivalent of Leone pushing the button on the dryer. It must make her so happy !

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