The Benefits of Making Yogurt a Part of Your Family’s Diet

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Making yogurt a part of your family’s diet is a surprisingly simple way to pack in essential nutrients and give your whole family the healthy boost they need to keep going strong. Here are just a few reasons why we know that you’ll love adding this super food to any meal or snack time.

Yogurt is a superbly convenient solution for busy families. Combining wholesome nutrition with the ease of a grab and go snack, yogurt makes healthy eating simple. It can be purchased right along with other dairy items when shopping, and is easily found in large tubs or in convenient single-serving sizes. A wide range of unique styles and flavors are available for any palate. The new YoCrunch® Greek line is one great example of a tasty and simple way to add yogurt into any diet. YoCrunch® Greek combines thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt in a single serving container with real strawberry, peach, blueberry or honey.

If the convenience of yogurt is not enough to convince you, consider that a cup of yogurt will pack in almost as much protein as two ounces of fish. Combine this with some serious bone building calcium and you’ll have found a great way to provide two elements that are essential for growing kids and their moms. Yogurt is also one of the simplest ways to take in daily vitamins and minerals, with essentials like potassium, zinc and B12 in every bite.

Probably one of the greatest reasons to eat yogurt is the probiotics: these “live and active cultures” dish up many unexpected health benefits. The friendly organisms are a necessary part of every human’s digestive system and eating yogurt is a great way to keep them in balance. If you or your child has stomach aches or digestive issues, try yogurt to bring the body back in balance naturally. And, use plain yogurt to fight yeast infections or thrush by consuming daily. Probiotics have also been shown to strengthen the immune system, something every family can appreciate.

Yogurt is a brilliant breakfast food, a perfect lunchbox addition, and makes a quick and healthy treat for snack time. Let kids add granola, fruit or cereal to plain frozen yogurt for a fun alternative to ice cream sundaes, or use a spoonful of yogurt in place of sour cream in nearly any main dish. With so many reasons to love yogurt, you’ll soon find it becomes an essential part of your everyday meal routines.

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