The Birthing A New Mother’s LIVE INTERVIEW with Alanis Morissette.

Alanis Morissette

The Birthing A New Mother LIVE INTERVIEW with Alanis Morissette

By Jessica Williams,

Long before babies, when I was steeped in rock and roll, I happened to share a memorable evening at an intimate gathering in Venice, California, with Alanis and some of her friends. We shared meaningful conversation that night and it made a lasting impression.

Embracing the profound transformation of becoming a mother, Alanis has done so with eyes wide open, courageously recognizing all feelings therein. On Friday, September 16, at 7pm EST, and 4pm PDT, you have the opportunity to listen to an exclusive LIVE INTERVIEW hosted by my dear friend, colleague and an expert in the field of transitions, Sheryl Paul.

If you register for this call, you may have the opportunity to ask Alanis a question directly.

Register here:

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From Sheryl:

“Alanis speaks with honesty and wisdom and isn’t afraid to delve into the deeper aspects of her life, so if you’re wondering about her challenges, her joys, her fears, and how she prepared for the life-altering transition of becoming a mother, you won’t want to miss this exclusive event. When you click on the link below, you will be able to register for this special event and submit questions ahead of time. And if you’re one of the first people to sign up, you’ll have a chance to ask your question directly to Alanis during the live call!”

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  • “Truly amazing woman. I love her advice.”—Carrie-Anne Moss.
  • “All you have shared has helped tremendously.”—Lisa Bonet.
  • “I am experiencing nothing short of a miracle thanks to your laser beam approach.” –Andrea Bendewald.

Jessica Williams

About Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams created L.O.V.E. Parenting with a series of techniques for effective communication, deepened connection and more joy in parenting and life. Jessica is also the creator of with the best of today’s progressive parenting experts together in one program. Jessica is a featured expert internationally on both’s Ask An Expert and the upcoming Jessica is a regular contributor to Mothering Magazine’s All Things Mothering, LA Parent Magazine, LA Mom Magazine & DailyBuzzMoms. She has been interviewed on television and radio and taught workshops at family wellness centers, schools and doctor’s offices. Her BirthKit has helped women have a transformational & empowering birth. Jessica maintains a private coaching practice in her native Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and their three children. “Truly amazing woman. I love her advice.”—Carrie-Anne Moss. “All you have shared has helped tremendously.”—Lisa Bonet. “I am experiencing nothing short of a miracle thanks to your laser beam approach.” –Andrea Bendewald.

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