The Commune Forum Guidelines

Welcome to The Commune! This private forum is restricted to and intended for the use of MDC Premium Members (Supporters and Advertisers) only. By viewing and participating in The Commune, you agree to support the forum’s intent and protect its privacy. We ask that posts in this forum not be shared or discussed with others outside of the forum. We reserve the right to take appropriate action and remove the access of any member who demonstrates a disregard for the forum’s guidelines. The Commune is intended to be a fun and private gathering place for all MDC Supporters.

While we strive to provide a safe and secure forum, we cannot and do not make any privacy guarantees regarding information posted due to limitations of online communication. Please note that anyone who purchases a Premium Membership can access this forum, so be cautious when posting information of a personal nature or anything that might create legal concerns for you or others.

The MDC User Agreement is in effect within The Commune, and participants are expected to do their part in maintaining a respectful, supportive atmosphere. If you see a thread or post that you feel is inappropriate, please utilize the report button rather than posting to the thread itself. We do not wish to host political or abortion debate or celebrity gossip. Please avoid negative characterizations, insults, blanket statements, condemnations of others, etc. We are happy to have The Commune be a catch-all forum so members are welcome to start threads about topics that are hosted elsewhere at MDC, but please do not post about other existing MDC discussions, forums or MDC members.

We actively seek input as to how we can better serve your needs. The Commune’s moderator is almadianna. Please contact her with any forum-related questions. Thank you for your support of MDC and Mothering.

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