the end of an era

the-endAnd then the carefree child, grateful for the experience of being—the joys of learning and sharing with others, the richness of growth and discovery—dashes across the beckoning bridge and on to new things on the other side.

The End



The digital version of our March–April 2011 issue will go live later today. This issue will be Mothering‘s last—the magazine is no longer being published in print or digital format. Here’s how our publisher, Peggy O’Mara, put it on her blog.

After 35 years of making magazines, the staff at Mothering is obviously deeply saddened by this change—even as we understand that continuing to print would be financially unsustainable—for many reasons, including the loss of several very dear fellow staffers.

I’m sure I’ll feel the need to blog more about this later, but for now, there’s work to be done. As Peggy wrote, Mothering still exists, but as a website and online community—and there’s a lot going on there!


Our final cover image is a reprise of a photo by Cheryl Steinhoff which we ran in an July–August 2008 article about the simple pleasures of  summer.


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37 thoughts on “the end of an era”

  1. I will forever be grateful for coming across Mothering Magazine. You helped me be a better mother and my husband to be a better father. I can not believe Mothering won’t be around anymore. I valued every article sooo much. I will truly miss this world best magazine and pray that maybe someday you will be back! I would be the 1st one to sign up for it again!!! All my gratefullness and love! Iris

  2. I am deeply saddened to hear that Mothering will no longer be published! I will truly miss the one shining example of child-led, gentle parenting in a world of scheduling and CIO.

  3. I was so sad when I heard mothering magazine had decided to no longer publish. I had picked it up in the nursing room at work and asked for a subscription for Christmas. Unfortunately, I only ever got one magazine. This is the only magazine I found that held my values in parenting and ideals. I am so sad to see it go. I agree with Iris that I will immediately sign up for it if you decide to go back into print. The few short months I had with the magazine were so life giving. Thank you!

  4. I am going to miss it so, so much.

    Thank you for the many articles I’ve greedily soaked up over the years. They spoke to my mind, heart, and soul.

  5. I really wish that you would still put out an online version of the magazine. I am still in the denial phase of my grief over losing Mothering. It just seems unreal. This is such a huge loss for families. The website and forums just don’t compare to the joy of the magazine 🙁

  6. I am so sad by this news. I just commented to my husband yesterday that my next Mothering hadn’t arrived yet, when he had received his surfing magazine twice already this year. I have so looked forward to it’s arrival in my post box and will mourn the lose of quality information that has kept me sane in this often insane new world of motherhood. The articles were always timely, quality and, of course, extremely helpful as I navigate my new life as a mom. I will greatly miss the print version, but continue to use the on-line for tips and insights, recipes and community. Thank you for all the hard work you all put into a great magazine. With love and respect, Deb Fox

  7. It is, indeed, the end of an era. To me it seemed as though every time I had a question about natural parenting, I was able to find a thoroughly well written & researched article in one of my Mothering magazines. Your articles and photos were inspiring and your content thought provoking and uplifting. This farewell feels like the loss of a good friend.

  8. The love letter that I never got around to writing:

    Your magazine was a driving force in creating the mother that I am today. From the first tiny issue I picked up when I was 16 while waiting for my mother to get a massage (and read in 1 hour chunks every other week from then on) to my first subscription as a wedding gift (I wasn’t pregnant, but friends thought it the perfect gift for a 22-year old who missed reading it!) through the homebirth of one, two, three, four children. I write this as my youngest nurses to sleep. Thankful to have know Mothering magazine for so many years. Thankful for modeling motherhood. Thank you. Claire from Michigan

  9. Oh dear, this breaks my heart 🙁 I am happy that Mothering will continue as a website, but I really looked forward to receiving every issue and melted into a hot bath to soak up all the knowledge. This magazine and it’s mission was like a HUGE open door for me, to find a community that embraced all of my Mothering instincts and desires. I will be forever grateful that I experienced it when i did.

    Side note, I also recently renewed my subscription and ordered one for my sister in-law. What should we do? Thank you and Ciao 🙂

  10. I will be forever grateful to Mothering for making me feel my choices as a mother are not strange and I’m not alone. I read the magazine cover to cover the day it would arrive. I am so sad to not have this anymore. Luckily my midwifery where I birthed my child (the only one in Colorado) has an online community of like minded mothers to bridge the gap, but it’ll not be the same. Good luck to all of you. It’s sad the loss of the writen word on paper.

  11. No! Say it isn’t so! I never received my last issue, and now to hear that there will only be one more published ever! I am beyond saddened to hear this. Tears aplenty here in Vermont. 🙁

  12. This moves me to tears (literally)! It saddens me because you provided parenting issues with such intelligence, depth, and heart. More than any other parenting magazine, Mothering has been the voice for intuitive mothers who felt that they were finally understood, who had a place in which they felt safe, and who had the support of a positive community of other mothers like them. Mothering gave women a firm grasp of motherhood in its deepest, most natural sense, and brought articles and essays that provoked, questioned, and evolved – as opposed to articles in other magazines that are incomprehensive and superficial, and which speak to the status quo. You will be missed.

  13. I was so sad to hear of this. I had just received a subscription as a Christmas present, only to find out that the eagerly-awaited issues would never arrive 🙁 While the online content is great, screen time is one of the things I try to minimize as a mom, and I really did enjoy the print magazines I borrowed or bought individually before…

    I understand the decision, and am just saddened that the economy of our times is once again doing its bit against natural parenting 🙁

  14. I read about this when it was announced, and still today I feel as emotional about it as I did the first day! There is really no readily-available print publication like Mothering Magazine. I’ve identified with it since seeing my first issue, before I even had my first child. It will be sorely missed.

  15. What a beautiful photo for the last cover. I am so sad to hear that Mothering Magazine is no longer. I have only just found it in the last two years as I became pregnant and searched for a magazine and community that reflected the way I intended to raise my child. You have inspired me. Best of luck to everyone. See you on the web.

  16. Sonja, regarding those subscriptions, please email Simone Snyder ( or call us at 505.984.8116. Thanks for the kind words!

  17. Thank you, Claire! We’ll be putting up a page on the site where we’ll post people’s messages about the magazine

  18. Noah, the subscriptions that are in process will be filled by Natural Life magazine (, starting with the May-June issue, since they’re the most closely aligned with our philosophy (and actually almost bought the magazine back in the 70s). If you had a print subscription and didn’t get Jan-Feb or March-April of this year, you can email Simone ( or call 505.984.8116.

  19. Bethany, I know what you mean! I’m still in denial and the evidence of the loss/change is all around me! It’s also disturbing to me, what this means in the bigger picture about the world of print in general. . .

  20. My condolences, Laura. I believe there are wonderful things existing and to come in this digital age. But the loss of some of our institutions is hard.

    All my best to you,


  21. Carol! What a nice surprise to hear from you! Thanks so much for the note. Yes, loss at the price of global connectedness . . . (doesn’t seem quite so bad when I think about it that way) Drop me a line when you can!

  22. I will forever miss reading Mothering Magazine. No other magazine compares to the articles in Mothering. Even though I don’t have any children yet, I know that I will be well prepared and educated to have a natural pregnancy, childbirth, attachment parenting, and great parenting experience. My friend and I use the back issues in our natural healing shop for reference more than alternative medicine and natural pregnancy books. All our clients love the articles and photos in Mothering.

    You will not be forgotten!

  23. This cannot be! My first child is only 8 months old, and I need your magazine to reassure me that I am doing the right thing by not listening to everything my mother/inlaws/total strangers tell me. Who will have my back when I want to continue bed sharing with my little guy.

    Seriously, how can I contribute to this magazine going back into print? And can I order back issues?

  24. As I commented when this was first announced, I will again say how sad this is…I first discovered Mothering at a bookstore in Brattleboro, VT when my oldest (now 12) was a wee-6-month-old baby and I was an overwhelmed, lonely and confused mother. Mothering was a friend I desperately needed at the time and helped me feel so much less lonely. I will treasure my stash that I have kept through the years and wish much luck to the online continuation of Mothering, as well as much luck to those who will be losing their jobs as a result. A hard decision to make, no doubt…we are living in a challenging time.

  25. I ordered 4 back issues I was missing in my 10 year collection -now am only misssing #117 2003 Mar /April issue and it was not on the list of available issues ….am thinking of printing out the last dig version so I can have it too !

  26. Wow, I am so sad about this news. Mothering has been there for me over the last 5 years, giving my husband and I the courage to raise our three girls, (5, almost 3, and 10 months), in the way that seems the most natural to us, but often goes against the grain everywhere else. We have breastfed them, co-slept, cloth diapered, and even downsized our home to this end. Without Mothering, I’m not sure all that would have happened. Thank you, Mothering, for your support over the years. I plan on ordering reprints soon!

  27. I was just wondering when I was going to receive my print issue…..when I got a digital issue in my inbox…..harder for me to read…..I was also planning on giving print issues to two new moms I know…..there is no other magazine like this one….it is by far the BEST parenting magazine out there, always publishing something new and at the forefront…..I am in the medical field, so I valued every educational article published, along with the resources at the end of the article……along with the photography, the your letters section, always something relevant; …… and the customer service….called to look for a specific article…..someone told me which one it was in…and I was able to find it in my back issues…..

    MOST IMPORTANTLY… have helped new moms everywhere, including me, educating, guiding, and building our self esteem… has been a great ride… sad to see that it is ending…..YOU….MOTHERING and all who are a part of it and have been a part of it are A LIVING TREASURE! I will never forget what you have done for me, and what you have meant to me and my family!!!!

  28. I remember standing at the magazine rack of a natural food store on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach California. My first little baby in my arms. I came upon a magazine made with inexpensive paper, some of the artwork clearly hand drawn. In this magazine were articles you could NOT find in the mainstream magazines for parent and child. The articles were cutting edge and a little bit trippy. It was the 70s and we were not afraid to look at ways to make a difference in a good way. Mothering Magazine was cutting edge on the real issues surrounding parenting. It helped to shape many of the choices I made through the years. Now I am a grandmother. Getting your magazine was one of the first thing i suggested to my daughters when they became pregnant. There is no publication who can take the place of Mothering Magazine. This publication will be sorely missed.

  29. Mel! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the note. We’ll be putting our focus/energy on and the community forums. . . Hope things are good in your world!

  30. I am so saddened by this news…brought tears to my eyes. Mothering has meant to me as a mother…strength, comfort, empowerment, and reassurance, along with information and knowledge. I am so glad that Mothering will still go on as a website and online community…?

  31. Thank you for your support, Michele. Strange times we’re living in! But we’re trying to focus on the positive, like the many exciting opportunities for connection with our community. . .

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