the end of an era

the-endAnd then the carefree child, grateful for the experience of being—the joys of learning and sharing with others, the richness of growth and discovery—dashes across the beckoning bridge and on to new things on the other side.

The End



The digital version of our March–April 2011 issue will go live later today. This issue will be Mothering‘s last—the magazine is no longer being published in print or digital format. Here’s how our publisher, Peggy O’Mara, put it on her blog.

After 35 years of making magazines, the staff at Mothering is obviously deeply saddened by this change—even as we understand that continuing to print would be financially unsustainable—for many reasons, including the loss of several very dear fellow staffers.

I’m sure I’ll feel the need to blog more about this later, but for now, there’s work to be done. As Peggy wrote, Mothering still exists, but as a website and online community—and there’s a lot going on there!


Our final cover image is a reprise of a photo by Cheryl Steinhoff which we ran in an July–August 2008 article about the simple pleasures of  summer.


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