The Fab Four Winners of the Lunapads Prizes are:


“We cloth diaper, use cloth wipes and cloth nursing pads. When my period came back last month, I felt silly and wasteful using disposable pads. My husband is a little creeped out at the thought of reuseable menstral pads, but I’d like to give it a go.”

Kelly S.

“I have been using CD almost exclusively on both my daughters (3 months and 2 years) and have been wanting to try cloth pads for myself for the same reasons I CD my girls. Environment, comfort, health, etc. I already have been using a Diva Cup for almost 5 years and I love it. But I would love to have cloth against my skin as backup instead of plastic. Yuck! I have been hesitant to buy my first cloth pads because of the cost and my worry that I won’t like them for some reason. Money is very tight in our family right now because I’m a SAHM and my husband lost his job. This sampler pack would be a great gift for me!”


“My daughter introduced me to these and I would LOVE to have a beautiful collection like she does!”

Brooke W.

“Been wanting to try these for a while, figure I don’t use chemicals in my food shouldn’t I be concerned about this too. The environmental impact is so huge.”

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