The Family Unity Speech


Grandparents on canals with grandchildren

Grandparents on canals with grandchildren

Hi Friends,

I want to share with you a L.O.V.E. Parenting concept called the Family Unity Speech. This conversation helps ground your child(ren) in their unique history, the core values of your family and helps elevate the consciousness of your intensions for daily living. I give this talk to my kids during a relaxed moment cuddled on the couch or walking or driving; I’ve repeated the conversation for maximum impact!

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The crux of the Family Unity Speech is where are we from, what are we about and how do we treat each other. It’s kind of like a cheerleading speech, a “go-team-go,” and it serves many purposes. It helps ground your children in the unique essence of your family. It helps siblings feel connected because they are connected to the larger picture of your family, and they are reminded of the special bond they share. This conversation also has ripple effects when you are out and about in terms of core values: who are we, what are we about and how do we treat each other. It’s a way of setting the stage of the greater context as you live out your daily life together.

Where we are from?

This is where you tell your child(ren) about their lineage, their unique background, an anecdote about their great-grandfather or great-grandmother, and/or  their maternal and paternal grandparents. Details help them feel connected to the bigger picture of their place in your family.

What do we stand for?

This is where you talk about your family values and what’s important to you. For some families it’s all about animals and nature. Some families are all about extended family. Some families are about reading, cooking, theater, computers. This is where you can bring up the work the parents do and what they do in the world, and why and what values it represents.

How do we treat each other in our daily life?

This is where you can set the stage of expectations for how you want your family to function and how you want to treat each other with regards to shared living space, dining, coming & going, travel, bedtime, etc. You’ve created a larger context of what it took to get here (where we are from) and what we stand for; the children are now ripe for the daily manifestation of your core values.

I presented the Family Unity Speech concept at our last L.O.V.E. Parenting Workshop. People wrote their speech down, read them aloud and we all got teary. I am including one woman’s Family Unity Speech journal entry (with her permission, of course) just to give you an idea.

I encourage you to write your own! Share it here in the comments section. Let’s celebrate each other’s unique family history and inspiring family values.

Here is a L.O.V.E. Parenting workshop participant’s Family Unity Speech:

“Dear Children, You were born into a family of love. A long time ago, you had great grandparents in the Philippines who were a photographer who would travel to photograph portraits and a farmer who would take care of six children. You had great grandparents in Taiwan who farmed their own rice to make noodles as a business to take care of their six children. Your great grandparents fell in love, had their children, they fell in love and had your dad and I, who are in love with each other and you!

We stand for a belief in people. We believe in positively supporting each other and we believe in the goodness every person can possess. We respect people. We believe in helping those in need. We believe that we will achieve success if we bring people with us.

We treat each other with respect and support. We listen and help anyone or anything in every opportunity we are able, whether it be a friend, a stranger, an animal or the environment.”

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