The Great Crayon Cookie Project

If you want to keep a six-year-old boy busy for a long time have him sort through old crayons, pick out all the broken ones, peel off the paper, and then put them in piles by color.

After he’s done that (which, if your state of crayons are in the disarray of ours, may be the work of hours or even days), put the sorted piles into a muffin tin lined with two paper liners.

The naked crayons lying in the tin will look like this:

crayons in muffin tin

The proud six-year-old child, still in pajamas (since this is the work of more than one day) will want to pose with the tin outside at dawn (which is invariably when he wakes up) and maybe take a few photos himself:




Put the crayons in the oven at 225 or 250 and cook for 5 to 10 minutes (we started at 200, as you can see if you look closely at this photo, but that was too low):


Let them bake for about five minutes. Watch them carefully so they don’t start to smoke. They’ll get all melty and look like this:


After they’ve hardened, you’ve got perfect crayon cookies of all different colors:


And a proud son who’s finally out of his pajamas:


And ready to do some art:


With especial thanks to Ruth Yaron who gave us the idea for this project from her book Super Baby Food.

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