The Green Party

Not politics. Just a goofy idea I have for a party.

In honor of St Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, everyone brings a green dish to pass. We talk, we eat, and then we all do silly performances. (In Ashland the outdoor show before the Shakespeare plays begin is called “The Green Show” so the name of this party is an inside pun for us locals.)

(Gently used) door prizes for guests who walk or bike.

The idea’s been percolating for awhile but I haven’t been able to find a time to have the party.

Actually, I’m insane to think of hosting a party. I can’t sleep. I am working furiously on a huge project. James is in and out of town (traveling because he was appointed to serve on the state board that oversees direct entry midwives by Governor Ted Kulongoski after the governor read this AP story in the Oregonian about our unassisted home birth). Hesperus has a gymnastics meet all day Saturday. My mother-in-law is visiting next week and Miss Sweet Leone has been a fussy bucket the last few days.

Plus, I’m nursing so technically I’m not drinking so how the [expletive deleted] am I going to do a hip hop dance number with my daughter and embarrass the bejeezus out of myself in front of other people?!

Then my friend Emily left me a voicemail: “Still having the party this weekend? We want to come!”

Her enthusiasm inspired me. So the party’s Sunday. Only, guess what? Emily called back to say her family can’t make it.

It was tempting to chicken out but we’re going ahead with it anyway, short notice and a dirty bathroom be damned.

I was thinking of making spinach pasta with pesto, unpeeled cucumber salad (cucumbers are green, right?), and maybe a kiwi-and-green-grape dessert.

Now I need your help. If you were invited to a party and asked to “bring a green dish to pass,” what would you bring? A chocolate velvet cake on a green plate? What’s your favorite green food? Do your kids like to eat anything green?

I’ll post how the party went next week. Also up next week: An interview with unassisted birth diva Laura Shanley and the long ago promised report back about which reader suggestions make Leone laugh the most.

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16 thoughts on “The Green Party”

  1. in honor of Patrick’s day, I’d bring colcannon, a dish which is traditionally prepared with green cabbage, potatoes, and onion. for the cabbage, we often substitute or add roasted brussels sprouts or roasted broccoli stalks.

    chocolate cake on a green plate? that works. glad you are not going for foods colored green.
    .-= Kerry´s last blog ..patrick season: emigration =-.

  2. I might be tempted to interpret green to mean locally grown organic foods. Some actual green colored food could include an artichoke dip, roasted asparagus, or guacamole.

  3. I’m with Brette. I think these days everyone can accept “green” as meaning organic. A green cake could be made with organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter, organic chocolate, etc. … Decoration could be pistachios. Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood?
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..When An Innkeeper Makes Exception to the Rule =-.

  4. Guacamole & Pesto Pasta would be my savory dishes of choice. And they’re both popular party food. I love a big green salad too.

    And for adults after (or during) how ’bout a Moscow Mule with lots of mint?:)

    Green desserts: maybe green tea or pistachio ice cream or sorbet?

    Have fun!
    .-= sarah henry´s last blog ..Dinner Guests: What Makes a Good One? =-.

  5. Oh, I wish I were coming…so much fun. I know guacamole has been mentioned several times, but sliced avocado is beautiful as well and has many potential uses. Avocado “boats” are fun too – as is zucchini squash. Ok – that’s all the domesticity I have in me for right now.

  6. I’m too late, but try this on Wednesday: three pea saute: pea shoots, pea pods and baby peas, saute in butter if you dare. Serve with sea salt and pepper.


  7. Hope the party was a success! I like having so many interpretations of green food! What a clever bunch of commentators! 🙂
    .-= Claudine´s last blog ..Irish =-.

  8. I actually don’t know if there is a Trader Joe’s nearby since we do almost all of our shopping at the locally owned Ashland Food Co-op, which is an amazing and wonderful place. They have something called “Basic Pricing,” where they sell almost at cost organic staples (so you can buy organic rolled oats for .70 cents/pound, organic whole wheat flour for .40/pound, and organic bananas for .88 cents/pound) so that everyone can afford them. There’s also so much local produce where we live in southern Oregon and the farmers market just opened this Tuesday, amazingly.
    .-= Jennifer Margulis´s last blog ..New Article on Swiss Travel Writer Ella Maillart =-.

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