The Impact of the Mom-Run Business

Mom-Run BusinessThe continued growth and success of mom-run businesses is a constant source of inspiration for anyone trying to find a way to better balance work and family. Oregon Business has a great article on their site about this trend. Check it out and tell us, are you a mom who has found a way to make a living from your own business? How did you make it happen?




“A few years ago, you saw a huge growth of mom-owned businesses,” says Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media, a Fort Lauderdale-based marketing firm, and the author of several books about the mom market, including Mom 3.0 and Power Moms. That increase, Bailey says, “was fueled by the economy and a new wave of millennial moms who are very tech savvy.” Unlike their boomer parents, Bailey adds, today’s mothers are also “striving for a more integrated lifestyle” in which work and parenting endeavors support one another.


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