The Incredible Pooping Baby; or, Leone Uses Her Chamber Pot

P1030421-27Last week I wrote about reading a book about how to have your baby be diaper free.

I don’t know anyone in America who has done this but I’m totally intrigued by the idea.

So I found Leone a chamber pot. It’s a white plastic mixing bowl with a spout on one side and a handle on the other.

Guess what? It actually works! She’s been pooping and peeing in the pot ever since. (Except when she goes in her diaper.)

I’m amazed by how smart and aware infants actually are, how much they communicate with us, and how much I have to learn from my 7-week-old daughter.

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6 thoughts on “The Incredible Pooping Baby; or, Leone Uses Her Chamber Pot”

  1. How’s this for odd…once on a long car ride with lots of young kids in a snow storm a few years ago I really needed to pee. I decided I’d go in a diaper! That sounded like a better idea than getting off and back on the highway and my 2- 4- and 6-yr-olds thought it was hysterically funny. But I couldn’t go! It was like my body was trained not to pee when something was pressed up against me. It made me wonder at the time about toilet learning (though my kids loved “free time” without diapers and certainly had no problem peeing on lawns, and patios and even the kitchen floor). It seems like a good idea to think through some of our preconceived notions on this topic!

  2. I had heard of this and I’d always been a bit disbelieving. But now that I read your post (because I love, honor, respect and believe everything you say), I’m thinking that this makes total sense.
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..She

  3. How interesting! I’m am so totally curious to see how this works out in the long run. How do you know when she’s got to go? Or do you just strap the thing to her butt all day long?
    .-= Stephanie – Wasabimon´s last blog ..Zo

  4. Miss Stephanie! No strapping, no coercing, no pressure of any kind.

    Actually, some Americans are wary of infant pottying because they worry that it can be coercive, but really it’s the opposite: you are responding in a loving way to your infant’s needs and to his communication with you. And that’s how you know when the baby needs to go: you learn to read her signals (the same way you learn to know when the baby is crying because she wants to nurse or because she is tired).

    Stay tuned. I’ll definitely be writing more about this as we explore it more.

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